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Truth is Within

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Truth is Within February 22 ,2022

There is much anger and rage being dispersed throughout the planet right now. Some humans are desperately trying to hold on to the old paradigm, in an effort, to hang on to their possessions. They can see the future and they worry it is like a dictator taking away what their hard-earned money has given them. There is much fear with the changes that Earth is going through. Accusations, and finger pointing is a way to cope with the fear. Many gather to express their views and sometimes this group results in mob-like behaviours. Humans get very influenced by those around them and can be easily persuaded to do something that they normally won’t think of doing. Sometimes the energy of the group attracts those that would never entertain following ideas and beliefs that are not their own. Beware of being swept up in other people’s causes and beliefs.

Power and control is being played out at his moment in time. There are those who want more. They are becoming more powerful by flexing their muscles. This idea of owning another country or a population of people is not acceptable anymore. This is warring mentality that must stop on this planet. Humanity has been warring for a long time and always seems to resort to this when wanting more control. How many graves must be filled for Humanity to realize that this is not an advanced civilization way of being? Overthrowing and murdering people to get more control is an activity that creates heavy karma…not just for the leader but for the entire nation. A life is sacred no matter what country you are living in. You are all equal. You are all ONE.

All countries and leaders on this planet must work together to stop any from violating the Laws of Creation. Everyone knows within what is right and wrong. You must go within and feel the right way to live and act. The answer is always within. You must stop long enough to hear the message that is there just for you.

Let’s take a moment to feel this message

Take a deep breath…to that special place in your heart. This place you know so well. This is your real temple, and it is always with you. Release all the images that you have of war, battlefields, ammunitions, conspiracies, and weapons of mass destruction. Let them go and release them to the light. Transmute them in the light.

Take another breath and this time deep in your lungs… in your imagination, travel to a part of the world that has recently survived war and is still suffering. Send these people your love and light. They need you at this time. Your energy directed to them will help them heal even if you live in opposite corners of the world. Energy travels everywhere

Now take another deep breath and think of PEACE for your entire planet. Direct more light to countries that are in strife or entertaining war right now or recovering from war. Many people are suffering from a tragedy that they experienced in their life. Send your light to them… Bless them… Love them.


My dearly beloved friends

You are such an important part in the plan to change this planet. Your presence can not be over emphasized enough. Your thoughts and words have much power as it adds to the total light of this planet. The more light you hold, the more rapid change will take place and the planetary consciousness will magically rise higher and higher. Humanity will shift to a planet of LOVE and not war.

Look to nature to refresh and renew yourself. Nature is God’s artwork and when in it, you are immersed in The Source. The Source is what you are made of, and you must take a moment every day to pay gratitude to the creator with the life you were given. What a privilege to be here…now!

Life is sacred. And that means life in all it’s forms. God has gifted you with a marvelous planet and many other species to share it with you. He /she has provided air for all to breathe and food to sustain your physical body. Your body, in itself, is an amazing creation that you are provided with at birth. Your thoughts and feelings greatly influence the sphere around you. If you are angry and spewing rage, this will not only affect you but all those nearby. Anger, rage and suspicion are all very dark energies that will impact you negatively if not now but later. This is also the case with the environment you live in. Everything is energy and knows no boundaries. So, if negativity is present, it bleeds through to all those around you. Negativity also attracts more negativity. This is the law of attraction… Like attracts like. Be very careful what you speak and what actions you take. You are responsible for your words and actions at all times.

I spoke on this many times when I was here on Earth. Love your neighbour as you would love yourself, is a message that was meant to instill in humanity the idea that we are all ONE. To take care of each other will bring unity and stop division among the peoples. Forgiveness is key to allowing both sides to put their differences aside and to be able to continue to grow and live a peaceful and loving life. Love and forgiveness bring about the fastest transformation. Each side will not be burdened with the past and are free to be who they really are and shine the light that everyone has within them.

Everyone can change. Everyone can go within and be close to the Source. In fact, you come back and come back repeatedly, to find this out for yourself. Some learn it quickly, and other take many lifetimes to realize that the spiritual life is more important than your material life. The answer is within and not without. Your spirit is with you forever, goes wherever you go. Your material possessions are left behind.

Love is the best way to go forward.

Love your enemies as you love yourself

They have just temporarily lost their way.

And with your light, they may see be able to see their own

I am again so honoured that you are listening to this message

I appreciate your willingness to help your planet

To make this quantum leap in consciousness

You are the change

That will make this happen.

Your light is bright and clear

I am here to help light the way

You are a magnificent being

With a great ability to Love and to heal

Many blessings and much love to you.


As above, and so below

As within, and so without.

Namaste my friends

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