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It's All about Vibration

It’s all about Vibration

March 20,2024 (spring solstice)

Yes, there is much change happening on a daily basis on your planet. The communication highway is overloaded with influencers and pollsters. Opinions are flying here and there. Experts are claiming they know from past history and make recommendations on that knowledge. Many are finding that this strategy is not working anymore. Past history is not what they should be basing decisions on. With the new consciousness of Humanity, the old and the past does not apply anymore.  Many will be determined to hold on to their fixed views of how the world operates. Some will try to force humanity back to the old ways of doing  business. This will fall flat. People will be harmed when governments force the populations to comply to the old ways. It may appear that they are successful for a short while, but this will not last.  The masses will rise up against the leaders who are not aware that Planet Earth has evolved to a different reality.


The most important agenda for you at this time is to keep your vibration as high as you can. Check on it several times of the day. Many of you are becoming very sensitive now and you will be able to quickly feel the energy when it is negative and pulling you down. You may experience it as a sick feeling in stomach, or prickles down your spine, a change in body temperature. Some people actually hear a change in tone in their ears. Your body will inform you if the energy is not in harmony with you. Avoid situations which cause you to worry or fear some upcoming event. Fear and Anger are the feelings that can really bring your vibration down quickly.  Plan  your days and your activities with people that are in harmony with you.  Your energy also affects others. It is your responsibility to contribute to the uplifting of the collective energy. What  you do affects the entire collective.


2024 is a year of great change for Humanity. It is a big change from the last 10,000 years. Historically your planet has been one of many inequities, suffering, wars, and loss. It has been a struggle to survive on this planet for many people for thousands of years.  Every nation on this planet  has had wars, take overs and  insurrections. Some countries have been taken over by others many times and sometimes by the same perpetrators. Humanity must learn that they are all ONE. What you do to your neighbour, you do to yourself’ is a well-known truth. Why has it not been honoured?

Love is the answer. It is the only solution to hate and revenge.


Let’s take a moment to breathe in this message: 

Take a deep breath to your root chakra, which is at the base of your spine. Release any tensions, disappointments, and sadness you may be feeling right now…Let go of anything that is pulling you down. This includes worry. On the out breath, release these feelings. Transmute them in the Light. See them disappear. Notice how  your body feels now.

Take another deep breath to your heart centre…that area where your love resides. Fill yourself with Love and joy for being alive, for breathing fresh air, for loving nature, for hearing music, for smelling the fragrance of a rose, for walking in a puddle of water. There are so many things to be joyful for. Take a moment to enjoy these moments.


Take another deep breath to your crown chakra…which is at the top of your head. Look above and imagine the sun smiling down on you. The sun is there for you year after year. Feel the sun’s light and warmth cascade down  your head, to your shoulders, to your  heart, down to your hips, down the legs and ankles and through the bottom of your feet. Let the light slide down the grounding cord to the center of the Earth. The Earth in turn is sending love and peace back to you.


My Beautiful Beings of Light.


It is the time to take care of yourselves. This is the number one requirement I ask of you. Your life is sacred. Your temple is your body. It is vital that you take good care of your temple.  That is your responsibility. You can honour yourself by taking care of your body so that it functions well and holds you safe  within it. That means a proper diet, fresh air, rest, laughter, and loving kindness. Speaking to your body in loving ways. Admiring your body helps as you created it. It is your own piece of artwork.

Keeping your mind healthy and free from negativity. Your  body and mind work together as one. Your body is always listening to your mind and follows its instructions. Be careful what you say to it as it is sensitive to what you say. Work at being happy. Little things can make your happy like a walking nature, hearing aa bird sing a song or loving your favourite ice cream.   As soon as you feel sad or depressed, flip the switch and go to something positive so that you can change the feeling. Often sadness and depressed feelings are learned behaviours that one gets used to being in. They can be very repetitive…like coming home from work and always feeling sad and lonely. Beware of patterns you have taken on in your life.

My beautiful beings of light

Again, it is an honour to speak to you this way and that you are willing to listen.

You are Devine beings in body. I keep reminding you of this so that you realize how magnificent you are.  realize how powerful you are and that your being here now is so important. As you awaken to who you are, you will start to remember your akashic records which hold all your lifetimes. Many of your gifts and strengths in this lifetime come for past lifetimes. These qualities and strengths will start to manifest in this reality. This happens when you are more conscious, and it is this time in the evolution of Earth that it will happen to all beings living here  now.


Many refer to this time as the Shift  The shift into higher consciousness for Humanity. Many more people are speaking of it and aware of it, whereas it was  hardly heard of 5 years ago. It truly is miraculous how people are waking up and feeling the energy shifts. More people are interested in astrology, herbal medicine, channeling, meditation,  and intuition. These modalities invite people to go inward. The whole paradigm shift is encoded within the body. It is within the DNA which also will be shifting to a new multidimensional level.


My beautiful beings of Light. Embrace this change with Love and harmony. Yes, it will be  volatile in many places and people will rebel and resist,  but the light and outcome at the end, will be very joyous and Peaceful. There will be Peace on Planet Earth for the first time since Lemuria.      

You are part of the ONENESS that is creating this change.

Your energy and vibration is needed to complete the shift

We shower you with gratitude and love.

Your contribution is acknowledged on the highest level.

You are greatly  honoured and loved.

Blessing to you


As above, and so below

As within, and so without.


Namaste my friends.

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