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Moving to the Beyond

Moving to the Beyond  

March 30, 2023


Yes, you are experiencing much truth.  The change that we speak of is happening moment by moment. Many precedents will be occurring and events unfolding that were unheard of even a year ago.  Listen and watch without investing much emotion and judgement. Everyone has their place in the movement to beyond what was yester year.


We are holding space for Humanity to make this shift…yes, many will be in turmoil and wonder where their world has gone to. We caution you to be wise in your decisions and allegiances.   There will be a time of persuasions and manipulations and we want you to be aware of this. Some close to you may want you to be on their side and see things their way.  This is difficult when it is a close family friend or intimate partner.  There will be many variations on the truth and manipulators always work on doubt.  If they can create doubt, they know they have won you over…or that you can easily be manipulated.  


Always go back to your breath…to create some distance. To come to your own inner truth.  In these times ahead, it is very important that you can stand in your own truth which is within. Your intuition is the light you should be listening to.


For some of you, the intuition communicates by voice, others by sensation such as shivers up and down the spine, and for some it is a strong feeling or even fragrance in the air. Some of you use a pendulum, taro cards or messages dropped along the way. Clues may be picked up from your surroundings…such as 11:11 on the clock, a special song is played, or another sign appears that means a lot to you. Sharpen your awareness so that you do not miss the clues that have been placed for you.



Every moment is a special moment. Do not take anything for granted…or minimalize a special sign or clue by doubting it into extinction. There are beings on the other side of the veil that are always assisting you. Be awake to hear them.


Let's stop and take some breaths together.


Take a deep breath to your first chakra… your grounding cord…which is at the base of your spine. Look at where you are leaking energy because you are doubting, analyzing, and judging a circumstance that is before you. Look at this again and give gratitude to the creator for giving you this experience. Not all experiences are happy ..but there is so much more to learn here…Release you old patterns and ways of thinking…Let in the new…let in the new.


Take another deep breath to your Heart… you magnificent, beautiful heart… This is the real you.  Look above and see the big pink cloud of love raining on you…showering gold and silver raindrops of love from your head to your toes.   Let this energy pour through every cell of your body…every cell…changing it to its crystalline form. Every cell in your being is lit up and changing. ..transforming…


Take another deep breath to your third eye.  Let the light come into this area…this is a major receiving station for information and ideas.  Allow yourself to be creative and spontaneous. Spontaneity usually accompanies creatively. Both raise your vibratory level to JOY.   Flourish in the knowing that you are special…You are powerful…You are love.




My beautiful beings of LIGHT

Yes, the silent bell is tolling for many of you right now. It is a wake-up call…reminding you of your purpose in being here…reminding you that you have a greater mission in life. 

Be discerning, so that you will be sure which bell you are hearing and following. Many bells will be tolling at once, and it is important to take some time to adjust to the upcoming changes. Once you have connected and experienced the Inner Bell of Peace, you will walk away from whatever is not in alignment with you. When you have connected with your love within, it is very hard to go back to your former life. It is beneficial to surround yourself with beings with equal ability to love and acknowledge you.  I know this may be difficult… but it can be done.


I believe in you and I know it can be done. Many of you are waking up and realizing this life is an illusion that you have created to learn lessons in life and to advance in spiritual development. Many of you have come back this lifetime to get to experience the opportunity to evolve to your ascended self. This is a unique chance to go in or out of a lifetime.  If you feel, this is uncomfortable for you, please relax and breathe.  You are to go at the pace you want to move. If you announce that you wish to use your free will and go in a different direction, you are honoured for your decision.  


I am here at a moment’s notice. Just call the creator and ask for me. I take all calls morning noon and night.  I’m on call at all times. You are never alone as we are here with you every moment, my dear ones. Know this…feel this...


My beautiful beings of light…You are amazing us with your strength, your

willingness to listen to these messages, and your commitment to be more present.    

It is always necessary to go forward, rather than going to doubt and go backwards. Love is the key…the key to your awakening and the key to everything.


These are exciting times …especially if you look at look at all the possibilities.   The universe is full of possibilities. These possibilities are waiting for you to notice them and grab them for your own.  What ever you do, do it with LOVE.

You are a creator ... and can create most anything.


I am always here beside you. Nudging you every now and then…showing you a clue.

My beautiful beings of Life.  You are the saviors of Humanity. Your high vibrational energy will expand especially when in the company of other like-minded people.

Take my hand and let’s walk forward.

Together to your awakening

And to your ultimate freedom.

Blessings. Blessings


As above and so below,

As within and so without.


Namaste my friends

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