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The Redemption of Humanity

The Redemption of Humanity

  Dec. 18, 2022

Yes, it is clear that a massive clearing of past injustices and destructive thoughts must be removed from this planet, in order to preserve and enhance the environment in which humanity resides.  There are so many past wars, past misuses of Earth’s resources and a complete inhuman way of dealing with your beloved animal kingdom.


The redemption of Humanity is coming before you, so expect massive upheavals in the upcoming years. There is so much cultural pain and suffering, past historical pain and present pain that must be cleared.  It is not only redemption but purification of all energies that are not of God.


Every opportunity that presents itself to you, whether positive or negative, is an opportunity for you to transform it to light …to set it free… Even if is an angry word directed towards you or an unapproving glance.... use these situations as an opportunity to transmute this negative energy to light.


Many beings incarnated at this moment are living in the lower astral fields of thoughts and ideas that are generated from others around them, media or from destructive forces that lower a being’s consciousness. They are spending hours watching their boxes or playing games through their devices. Humanity is very easily pulled in this direction and that and programmed to believe whatever is presented to them. This puts them in an energy field that it totally disempowering and disconnected from the LIGHT of the Creator.


Hold yourself higher than the masses around you and help lift them so that they can experience their light. Even if it is for a moment. By doing this, you help to raise the planet to a higher vibration and this in turn leads to purification and redemption of humanity.  It is all about the ONENESS of all Humanity.


Let’s take a moment to process this message and to feel it deeply at the cellular level.


Take a deep breath to your solar plexus which is the area round your belly button. 

Release all thoughts and feelings of discord and negativity that you may have experienced…now….in the past…and into the future.  Release them… Release


Take another deep breath to your heart. The place of your true essence…and bless and purify your life from beginning to end.  See yourself in the light and extending this light to all that comes your way…. spread the light….spread the light…


Take a third deep breath to your third eye. Area in middle of your forehead.…and imagine a future where all is in Harmony, Love and Peace… lots of Light and Joy and above all else…Harmony…harmony….  Harmony.





My beautiful beings of light.  It is a privilege again to speak to you in this way.  It is a pleasure because it gives me an opportunity to speak to you individually in a personal and deep compassionate way. I am attempting to connect with your heart where all truth resides.

The survival of your planet needs your help in uplifting it to a much higher vibration.  The many years and centuries of decay and negative thought patterns have seriously impaired Humanity to see the light of who they are. This massive accumulation of thoughts and deeds that have disregarded the Law of Life. This has impacted this planet dramatically.  There is a call out to all beings to awaken and see who they really are…. great beings of Light.


There are so many distractions in your world today, the average human is totally absorbed with activities that have very little to do with the spirit of his being. Many of the activities are distractions, that take your time away from yourself. It is important that you have some silent time to communicate with yourself ….to connect with your heart and find the Peace that resides there.


Before siting down to be with self, whether through meditation or just quiet contemplation, take a moment to immerse yourself in the White Flame of Purity. Ask for and imagine and huge White flame engulfing your physical body. Extend it out to at least 9 ft all around. This allows the white flame to clear your emotional body as well as your ethereal body. Do this daily least in the  morning before you start your day  and at night before you go to bed. Imagine the white flame of Purity removing all thoughts and words and actions that are destructive and negative either coming  from yourself or to you from others. By extending the flame a few feet away from you, you also clear the mass thought forms that are swirling around the planet. These planetary thoughts are often destructive and unbalancing not just to one person but to huge populations.  Imagine yourself sitting in a cocoon of Light…the white Flame of Purity.


By removing this negative dross energy, you free up your being to vibrate at much higher levels. You will notice and feel the change immediately. There always is a strong pull to return to your old normal behaviour patterns. It will take an unusually strong being to keep themselves vibrationally higher than the massive planetary consciousness that is around them.  You may have to remind yourself often to think and be above the planetary human consciousness. 


If your drop your attention to your vibrational frequency, you allow the feelings of depression, doubt, fear and general effluvia of discord to enter again into the subtle essence of your mental body: into the sensitive consciousness of your feeling world: into your etheric body and then finally into your flesh.


As soon as you allow feelings of emotions to tie into disapproval, fear, anger or discord of any kind, you slow down the vibrations of those feelings and lower them into the strata where those mass feelings of imperfection abide.


My beautiful beings of light.

You are very capable to hold your vibrations higher

You just need to be reminded of who you are

To remember what great beings you are

That the planet needs you now to be fully awake

And take up your place in the divine plan

To raise your beautiful blue planet

To a higher dimension


The time is now

You can do it

You can do it.

Blessings to you


As above, and so below

As within, and so without.


Namaste my friends

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