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The Seas of Discordance

The Seas of Discordance

Dec. 31, 2022

Yes, an old year ends and new year begins. This is according to your calendar, and it is cyclic year after year. There really is no beginning and end…it is one long continuum.

Change usually happened slowly, but the massive light energy directed to the planet today has propelled the future in a different way. Change is being accelerated at a pace that many will not be able to keep up to. This acceleration of change will bring out much emotion in humanity such as anger, depression, rebellion and apathy. There will be huge wafts of these emotions happening in various parts of the planet. Most of this is in response to what is happening around them in their environment. Also, what they are immersing themselves in on the social level and what they are taking in their psyche on the spiritual level.

The years coming forward will be monumental is shaping the future for humanity. Greed and excessive indulgences will not be tolerated or accepted as behaviour that is supporting the Law of Life. Life is to be shared by all and not hoarded and owned. There are many forms of slavery. The true meaning of slavery is when one uses the life force of another for their own purposes and gain. There is slavery in some marriages, family hierarchies, gang organizations, cult sacrificing, political organizations, not to speak of bondage and selling of life force to another. Animals have been slaves to humans for eons and little is thought of the life force of animal and what is good for it. What kind of life has it been for the most Equine life forces and for the bovine? Some animals on the planet are planning their own extinction at this moment after years of abuse and harm from Humanity.

Planet Earth was created in Balance. It you look at all the rhythms on earth from the seasons to the life cycle of trees and plants, to the tides, to birth and death, there is a balance. Humanity has unfortunately contributed to an imbalance on the planet, and this is now evident worldwide right now. There is a change in climate in many parts of planet, storms of unprecedented proportions and pandemics among the human population. Planet earth must be brought back to balance in order to survive.

Let us take a moment to process this message:

Take a deep breath to your solar plexus, the area near your belly button…see the imbalances on the planet…acknowledge what is happening and release them to the light… to be purified ..release them…release.

Take another deep breath to your heart centre…where all truth lies… and see a planet that is changing back to its original pristine order and balance…see the oceans clean, the land is cleared of poisons and pesticides and the drilling has stopped and the nations are not killing each other…..see the changes happening

Tae another deep breath to your third eye…and envision a future earth. See Humanity rising above all the dross and mire and taking care of your beloved planet Earth. See yourself standing with the angels administering to the care and the love of planet earth. I love you my beloved planet.

I love you.


My beautiful being of LIGHT

It is with great humbleness that I greet you today and with great gratitude that you are listening to my message. Yes, Earth needs much love, attention and care today. You are most capable in giving this and changing the tide for the future of Mankind and beloved earth.

Its time to stop and be silent for a moment and breath from your Source. Your breath is the source of all LIFE. It is the creator’s breath that breathes you into being. I have said this before. We are all one…one big breath.

Life is not so much about doing and accomplishing, it is about being. In order to feel Peace and Love in the Heart, you must be being more than doing. Many of you are on a roller coast of activity and are dragged down by media and expectations that are beyond your ability to achieve. Life was never meant to be a hard road to follow. The creator meant for you to enjoy your precious jewel of a planet and to thrive.

You are needed more than ever right now at this turning point. I beseech you to listen and make a difference to the upliftment of the whole. Everything you say and do is magnified in this moment in time. If it is not for the good for life, for all life, then don’t do what you are doing. It is like you know how bad plastic is for the planet, but you will still go out and buy bottled water.

Knowing and doing are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Doing is what counts as that is action followed by results.

Much has happened to the planet since I walked the earth among you. Beloved Earth was fairly pristine at that time, and the population was low. There was slavery, bondage, cruelty and abuse to each other and misrepresentation of beliefs. Humanity was lost in dogmas from religions that were not empowering to the individual. In the years that have passed, humanity has used the planet for their own use, and put it out of balance. You can’t take forever before depletions occurs. Earth’s Resources are not endless, especially when out of balance.

You are great beings of LIGHT

You can affect much change

by holding positive thoughts

Raise your vibration to higher frequency

Watch the words you speak as they create and expand

Send thankfulness and gratitude to the earth everyday

Speak to the animals, insects and trees that surround you

Everything created has life

Even the stone you walk on.

You are great beings of Light

The love you hold heals and restores

Take up your place in the balancing of Earth

This is why you are here in this moment

To be a part of this great change

This is why I am here

To create the change with you

We can do this together.

You can do it

Blessings to you

As above and so below

As within and so without

Namaste my friends

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