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The Rage Goes on

Updated: Mar 25

The Rage Goes on



Yes, the clouds of anger and rage are gathering around Earth. It is at time of looking within to see if you want to carry this level of hate with you into the next decade. There are various boiling points surfacing on the planet right now. The hot spots are, of course, where the hate has manifested into war. A war where you are killing fellow human beings and even harming other sentient beings on your beloved planet. There is also rage boiling within Gaia/Earth as she must absorb all negative energy again and again.


 There are areas on the planet where she is boiling as well and that is the magma below the surface of the earth. It is swelling up in various locations around the planet. Since Humanity is not paying attention to how its rage affects all, Gaia will have to act on her own. There are rumblings and warnings in various parts of your planet as she cannot and will not withstand more destruction to her being. This destruction is not just from manipulating her resources to what humanity demands but also the emotions that you are spilling on to her in the from of rage, hate, revenge and intentional destruction.


Much of your rage is the result of programming you have taken on willingly from your religions, governments, parents’ history, and  ideologies.  All these separate people into various compartments. You believe you are different from the rest.. perhaps even  chosen ..perhaps right over others who are wrong. 


You are all the same and there is nothing different about you that you have not taken on yourselves.  There is one God and yet you have various religions with different names, rules, and dogmas. Is there any proof that these dogmas have any truth to them? Belief is strong but rationality is most important when determining what is right and wrong  Just because your holy books says so, does not mean it is the absolute truth.


When situations are getting to the boiling pint and war has raised its ‘ugly  his head, then a reckoning is called upon. Humanity tends to get carried away in the storm and loses its ability to think in a rational responsible way. Political parties take advantage of this and love it when the mases get all  churned up with emotion. An emotional crowd is easy to manipulate. Once you create doubt in people, they are easier to  control. You just need to press the right buttons to get the response you are looking for.


Once war has been initiated, and beings are killed, then karma kicks in . Each country now has a karmic debt to the other. This debt can be very heavy and hinder the progress of either country. There is heavy karma being created on your planet today. What you sow in one lifetime is accounted for in the next one, ‘Dear Beloveds. Remember this before  deciding on your actions and your spoken word. This applies to countries as well to the human being.


Revenge is a very negative emotion. There is no compassion and love in revenge. Most often logic is absent when in this dark state . Revenge is getting back at any cost. Most times you do not get back what you lost. The karmic debt  for revenge is heavy . So heavy that some civilizations crumble and don’t flourish in the aftermath.  Beware of this.


Peace, Love  and Harmony are the only answer. Looking for dominant position, getting other countries to come onside, filling your arsenal with weapons are contrary to PEACE. Humanity is the custodian of Earth and is responsible for the current situation on this planet. Are you being responsible? What are you manifesting? Is love involved in the decision making?


Let’s take a moment to breathe into this situation.


Take a deep breath to you root chakra…the space at the bottom of the spine.  As you breathe out, release all the negative emotions and feelings that you sense are happening now on your planet. The hate, anger, revenge… Release them…transmute them in the light.


Take another deep breath to your heart centre.  ‘Sit here for awhile and bask in the love that you find here. Love is the answer to all anger…it is the opposite emotion. Send Love to both sides in any conflict…love ..and more love….


Take another deep breath to your crown chakra…on the top of your head.  Imagine a big ball of golden light. Shimmering and pulsating . Let it pour down through the top of your head and over your entire body. Let it release to the centre of the ‘Earth and see it radiating out  to the entire planet. Now repeat…My Beloved Earth, I  send you Harmony, Peace. Love, Compassion and Gratitude. 



My Beautiful Beings of Light.


It is with great sadness, that I see my beloved holy land cloaked with such a dark cloud of anger.  It is difficult to see ahead in the swirl of rage and hate that circulates around it. My ancestral land has become a hot bed for war and killings. It is impossible to see ahead to what once was.

There were many opportunities to circumvent this terrible event, but now it has manifested into form. Humanity must now deal with a much greater worry and that is self destruction. It does not take much before angry and hostile emotions, end up destroying a civilization..  This has happened before in your history.


Take a moment to consciously shine you light. When each person does this, it affects those around them. As more and more hold a positive affirmation for the planet, the affects are  felt far and wide. Change can only happen when more of humanity wakes up to Love and Peace and Harmony. This can happen to you as you contribute to this group effort.  You are needed now to help lift this planet to a higher vibration.


We are at a critical moment for Earth. There is no place for complacency with  the serious use of armaments and threats. No matter what atrocities one country has done, it is not justified in retaliating and killing more just to get back. This is very unevolved thinking, but it has been the norm for Humanity. So many wars have been created to control a population, get rid of them, or displace them and then take the spoils for themselves. If you look at your history, there are many stories with this  same theme.


Love and forgiveness of the past must come  into play.  So many countries are carrying the wounds of the past and never free themselves of resentment, suffering and hate. Revenge  is

plotted and schemed for years.  “Lest we forget” is a common slogan that I’m sure you are familiar with. It means it should not be forgotten. It also means that we carry the wound in memory for all times, so that you don’t forget. . There is no room for forgiveness here.

In light of the future of Humanity, I am calling to you to wake up.

To hold the light for others to see

To look at each other with kindness and compassion

Peace can only come if you are at peace within

Again, I remind you that Life is sacred.

It is not yours to take away from others.

Humanity must learn how to resolve their conflicts.

Without resorting to weapons and  killings

My beautiful beings of Light

It is time to stand so others can see.

The magnificence in you

And through that experience

They may see the magnificence within them.

Take up your places, one and all.

Blessing to you



As above and so below

As within and so without


Namaste my friends.



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