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The Peace of You

February 02,2022

The Peace of You

It is coming…. a time that PEACE on Earth shall reign supreme. Peace is necessary for Humanity to evolve to the next point in consciousness. This warring planet will have to realize that it has to give up its armaments, threats, power mongering, and political posturing. These old ways of one-up- man-ship, power and control will never bring PEACE to your beloved planet. Peacefulness begins with LOVE. Love of all and everything. When you love, there is no room for warring behavior. Each country wielding power over other countries and using democracy as a means to do it, will have to end. It is futile to bring rules and ideology to another country when the people living there can’t cope with the change themselves. The idea may be great, but the foundation to support such a massive change is not there. And so, PEACE may be challenging to bring to a country which has lived in war for many generations. People who live constantly in fear of attack, will only know of hate and anger and rage.

Love is the gateway to PEACE. When one experiences love, compassion and kindness, the anger and hate will dissipate. It is impossible for the two to remain together. Underneath all anger, is hurt. When hurt, one covers up this emotion with anger…but if you look beneath, you will see the wound that has resulted in the hurt. Yes, many of you have been hurt by others around you, or by governments or by circumstance. Many Human beings have been hurt not only in this lifetime but in countless others.

The planet needs a whole cleansing…of hurt, pain and suffering. The creator never intended for you to suffer. The creator intended you to live a life full of love, inspiration, and magic. You are magnificent beings and just don’t know it yet. You are capable of so much love and if allowed to shine, you will have a part in the transformation of Planet Earth. Your contribution of love and light is so needed right now. You are the PEACE that your world is waiting for.

Let’s go within for a moment and feel into this message.

Take a deep breath to your heart centre. Let go of all old images and thoughts of war, battle grounds, disease, starvations and homelessness…..release these old ways of being on Earth. See them transmuted in the light.

Take another deep breath and hold it in your lungs for a moment… slowly release any attachments you may have to the old way of being. Let these attachments go and create space for a new way of living on your planet.

Take another deep breath to your core…that special place within and see Peace and Harmony on Earth. Where all those living here are enjoying a healthy, happy life.. where all sentient beings are living in harmony with humanity. There is no lack…only abundance and joy.

Greetings my beloveds

Yes, Peace is the ultimate goal for this beautiful planet. This planet has never experienced Peace since humanity has come here. it has been a very long journey with much struggle, competition, and survival of the fittest. There has been much bloodshed as competitiveness and greed have reigned supreme on this planet. Many nations have fought each other over land, precious metals, and resources. Nations and cultures here on Earth have had a history of competition and suspicion towards each other. The Earth is to be shared and not fought over. No one person owns all the resources and all the land. Countries fighting for power and control of most of the resources is coming to an end. It is time for humanity to realize that they are all ONE. This planet is to be shared and every being here is entitled to a good life.

When you incarnate on this planet, you come with nothing and when you leave, you have nothing. Material acquisitions are of little use and are left behind. Your soul is what is of the most importance and this is always with you. This is a difficult concept to instill in humans as they are very attached to possessions. Success is measured by the possessions you have earned.

Your planet is going through a great transformation and will never return to what it was before. There will be many exposures as all most be brought out to the light. In this process, negativity will be transformed to the light. Earth and all its inhabitants are evolving to a higher level of consciousness. There are many Masters returning to this planet to help with this transformation. Many of you will be evolving and becoming Masters as we are. This is a great time of evolution for this wondrous and beautiful planet.

When I was here on Earth 2000 years ago, most humans could not read or write. That is why I used parables or stories to get my message out to those who were ready to know. There were many limitations at that time that prevented humanity from evolving to a higher level. It truly was the survival of the fittest. Humanity had few choices then, and often daily survival was a challenge in itself.

Your world has changed much over the many years that have passed. Even though with mass media and instant communication, there still are many inequities and much suffering on this planet. The resources are not shared and much hoarding is going on.

This is all about to change. This Earth should be a place where all can thrive and share the resources at hand. This planet has enough for all to live well and in harmony. Warring and competing for resources is to end for this planet.

I am so honoured to be able to speak to you in this way.

The time has come for this planet to evolve to a higher dimension.

Your planet is to be a loving planet

You are a big part of this change

I am calling on you to remember who you are

The you that so wanted to be here for this time

The time of great change

I honour you for remembering

Take up your places proud

And sing glorious songs aloud

You make a great difference

To the enlightenment of this great planet

Gaia as she is known in other places

Sing praises strong and loud

You are the change that makes her proud

You are the change

Alleluia to you


As above, and so below

As within, and so without

Namaste my friends

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