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A New Wavelength

Updated: Mar 25

 June 24,2023

A New Wavelength

Yes, it is a time of rethinking what the future will be. Planet Earth is being pushed into a new era where she is evolving to another higher dimension. She has dutifully sustained and co-operated with mankind and tolerated the treatment she has sustained. She has supported Mankind and supplied the resources necessary for existence to this point in time.

 But now, it is a time of universal evolution. Over the last few centuries, in fact, more so in the last 100 years, Mankind’s treatment of Gaia/Earth has diminished. Most of her resources, have depleted dramatically. Her air, water and land are swollen with poisons, toxins, smoke, and scum. If you look at the situation, all this has been done by Mankind. Very little respect has been paid to other lifeforms such as the animals, birds, sea creatures, and reptiles…the ants…. the stones…the seeds.

Many other intelligences are overseeing this situation. Warnings have been given, and although there is now a movement to take care of the carnage, it is almost too late. Once the tipping point has been reached, it has a propulsion of its own.  The energy is such that it has a roller ball effect.

We wish to share that your planet is unique. It is a jewel in the universe of universes. Many of you will only appreciate its wonder when you leave at your ending.  And then you will lament, that you did not savour every moment of your time here.

It is a unique time in the history of this planet. as she wishes to evolve. This is a universal plan. As she evolves and changes, so must Mankind.

Let’s take a moment to breathe together.

Take a deep breath to your root chakra…the area at the bottom of your spine. Think about your wonderful planet and breathe gold and silver light from above. Breathe it through the top of your head, down through your entire body, through your feet and down to Mother Earth.  

Take another deep breath to your heart centre. Connect with the heart of Mother Earth…be One with her heart.  Send Love, Compassion and Peace….and above all GRADITUDE.

Take a third breath to your third eye. That all visionary eye. Imagine the Earth as it should be in all its glory. See yourself in the middle of this vision.  All sentient beings living in Harmony, Peace, and Love.

And you are creating this with your Light and Love…See the power in YOU. 


My Beautiful Beings of Light,

Again, it is a blessing that I can speak to you in this way. A privilege that few understand. 

So many moments of time and these moments are more precious that ever.  Don’t waste this time by focusing on regrets, lost opportunities, and disappointments. This is very low vibrational energy, and it hinders the progress of all.  What you say and do and think affects the ALL.

Many of you are lamenting lost or missed opportunities. You must realize that there are endless opportunities, and it depends if you want to seize the moment when they arrive or not. The universe is full of opportunities and is forever evolving. One missed opportunity opens the door to the next.  You are the decision maker and can decide what experience you wish to take on. Your soul knows what you need to experience and will often direct you…. only If you are tuned in and listening. 

There are many wavelengths of thought that you can tune in to. Your world right now is propelling you this way and that way. This is mainly due to your social media and various platforms of communication. Humanity is very easily swayed and influenced by thoughts of others. There are those around you that manipulate to their advantage and are harming much of the population.  With the mass media you have, often large populations are swayed in one direction almost over night. This can lead to disaster as the larger the group the greater the impact on ALL.  Manipulating planetary thought, it a relatively new phenomenon and it has now been accelerated to another level…a dangerous level.

My beautiful beings of Light.

I am admonishing you to wake up.

To see the play that is performing before you.

To not be blinded by what you hear and see.

And follow others blindly like sheep.

Don’t be a lost sheep!


You have much power and ability to change the direction.

Take time in your daily routine.

To stop and just be still.

Take three deep breaths and sit in silence.

By doing this, you can connect with who you are.

The great spirit that you are.


You can train yourself to listen to your inner voice.

Being busy is the greatest distractor.

It depletes your life force,

It Leaves you feeling tired,

It robs you of your creative energy.

And it lessens the LOVE that you give.

And receive.                                        


My beautiful Beings of Light

You are much more than you are being.

I am here to being Unity and Peace to all the Nations Peoples

LOVE, PEACE & HRMONY is the only way.

I am here for you to lean on

I am here to help lead the way.


Take this opportunity to make a difference.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE yourself and all others.

The seeds I planted many years ago.

Must germinate and grow.

You are the see that I planted.

It is time.

It is time.


Blessings to you



As above, and so below

As within, and so without


Namaste my friends.



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