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Walking Together in Transformation

Walking Together in Transformation March 16, 2023

Yes, there is much to contemplate in the coming days. Changes in your world will cause Humanity to go inward to seek understanding. Finding solace and understanding from the outer world will not satisfy your spirit. Your media and knowledge networks will not fill your hearts and soul with PEACE. Many of your streaming networks take you away from focusing on your own life… and the here and now. They take you away to an imaginary life and captivates you for hours. They prevent you from being present.

Some of you actually think it is real. Some of you even gather and discuss the highlights of the show…and we wonder why it matters so much. How does this enhance your life? Many of these shows are programmed and designed in such a way that you want to see the next episode. They do this via cliff hangers and unresolved suspense. Be wise to this and don’t become one of those addicted to the next episode…and the next…and the next. Your time here is too precious to be using this type of entertainment as your regular night cap.

We suggest that you do something more meaningful and inspirational. Nature is a wonderous experience, and it can be uplifting and energy clearing. It is free and just a walk for a brief time can lift you out of depression. Music and art is also uplifting to the soul. Both are creative and raise your vibratory level. Why not use your creative skills to cook something from scratch…instead of ubering it in or doing the takeout. Put some LOVE in your food. It really makes a big difference. It can be fun if you cook together. Maybe do a puzzle, play a game or do a craft. Talk to your plants, meditate, dance to your favourite music, make a surprise phone call to someone you have not spoken to for awhile. We are making some suggestions as we don’t want to see you wasting your life watching “ As the World Turns”…because that is not how the world turns.

Let’s take a moment to think on this message:

Take a deep breath to your root chakra. the area at the base of your spine. Take some time to look at how you are spending your time. Are you wasting time? Are you aware of how much time is lost when not carefully lived? What would you like to change? Release the times wasted and release them.

Now take another deep breath and focus on your heart…your beautiful heart. What can you do to nurture your heart? What can you do that will pour more love and light to your heart chakra. Your heart is a huge chalice and can hold much LOVE.. ..endless love…and even more love.

Now take another deep breath to your crown chakra... that is an area at the top of your head. Imagine a beautiful bright shining star above you and let the light. Silver and gold light pour down through the crown, through your face, down your neck, the upper body, through the stomach, hips and down the legs to the tips of your toes. Release this energy on the out breath to the core of the earth.

“As above and so below”.


My beautiful beings of Light.

It is very important that you pay attention to what you are attending to. Your presence is required more than every right now. It is almost impossible for us to connect with you when you are living vicariously through characters in your media. It is more than just intending to be to actually being present. Saying you were going to do it and not actually accomplishing it, is not good enough.

We are encouraging you to take your intention to where it best serves you. Many of you seek Clarity and miss the Truth that is being sent to you …merely because you are not present.

We are suggesting you live your moments fully in all your senses. This takes some getting used to. Many of you have been in the habit as just turning off your senses at certain times of the day. You are too precious to be dong this whether you are conscious of it or not.

If you spend more time in the present, more LOVE will flow to your heart. Life will become easier as you will be living a simpler life.. and not full of issues in the past and worries about the future. Your news of the day, often puts you in the past or future... in the sense of what disaster has already happened or a terrible hurricane that is coming upon you in the future. Your news media is very adept at keeping you in fear, which lowers your vibration and lowers your ability to connection with to the Devine. It really has become a control mechanism on its this case it is preventing you from being fully awake.

You have heard me say…many times to be present.

This is more important now then ever.

My beautiful beings of Light

You have the ability to create, transform and destroy.

You can move mountains and create miracles.

I am always here to help support you in this realization,

I encourage you but you do have free will to decide what to do.

You are magnificent Beings of Light

On the brink of self realization and Mastery

It is a very exciting time to wake up

And walk together to a transformation

It is an exciting time to wake up and shake up your life.

To experience all your senses

To absorb the Light that is streaming to you.

To be able to hear our whispers.

And feel our LOVE.

Remember you are not alone.

I’m walking with you.

Every step of the way

Blessings to you

Many blessings

As above and so below.

As within and so without.

Namaste my friends.

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