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Walking in the Light

Walking in the LIGHT March 22, 2023, Spring Solstice

Yes, this is no average Solstice. Planet Earth is going through major shifts in her energy and spiritual enlightenment. Keeping up to all these changes may become stressful for some of you. To be sure. this can happen. Change can be very unsettling and even bring about behaviours that are not intended or expected. Whatever happens for the planet also is experienced by those living on her. That includes the animal kingdom, plant kingdom, sea life, and even the ground and stones that you walk on. Everything has life…has energy…. has light and is sacred. Humanity has forgotten who they are and how sacred life is on all levels.

Humanity thinks it is the most highly evolved species on the planet and can rule all others by this sovereignty…this arrogance. But this is a big misconception and unfortunately it will be a powerful lesson that humans will have to confront in the near future. Humanity’s ego selves are out of alignment with Mother Earth. She can no longer breathe when Humans are still killing each other, polluting the land, polluting the air, the water and now the stratosphere beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. And now to think that there are discussions about nuclear war, more guns in the market, more deadly drugs, and more suicides. Does Humanity not see that the way they are making decisions is not working for the good of all? In fact, the decisions being made are targeted for economies, stock markets, and competition for resources. The fact that many people are dying all over the planet is not foremost in the minds of the decision makers.

How much havoc has to occur before the bell tolls so loudly that everyone stops and takes notice? How many people have to die before humanity needs to love each other rather than compete and harm each other. Right now, we see much of Humanity in a state of blaming each other, wanting justice for ancestral histories, dissecting words to the point they have no meaning and working rom the bottom line. This line is getting very low in energy frequency….so low that we can hardly hear you.

Let’s take a moment to stop and breathe a different breath together.

Take a deep breath to your solar plexus, the area around the belly button…Remove all your ahistorical trauma from this area, all the mistakes of your ancestors…and historical figures…. forgive them, forgive them for they knew not what they did …release and bless them…release and bless them… bless them.

Take another deep breath to your heart centre. This is sacred place where so much love is waiting to be expressed…to be released…to be acknowledged. Stay here for awhile and soak up the love that is waiting for you there. Feel the immense love that holds you together …holds you into being. You are love…you are love manifest in physical form... feel it…. savour it…remember it.

Take a another deep breath to your third eye ..the point in the middle of your forehead. Imagine a star sitting here. This is your creative far seeing eye… ideas and images manifest here...better ideas and plans for the future are seen here. Be receptive to new images and blueprints for future discoveries and ways of being. See a future that is full of love, compassion and harmony. This is what Humanity is missing and you have it to give. Love, compassion, and harmony


My beautiful beings of Light.

The above message may sound ominous to some of you, but it is true that Earth is speeding up in evolution. Time as you have known it is accelerating and even collapsing for some of you. You may have noticed that the days seem shorter, passing by faster and even months and weeks slipping by before you took notice that they even began. Time is not the same and this will take some getting used to.

Be ready to go with the flow as your saying goes. To fight this and get angry and upset, does not serve you well or the energy of the planet. What is happening for you is also happening for the entire planet.

It is very hard to give up your ego. You have been ruled by your ego, it is very powerful. The ego often steers you away from your heart…as it always wants to be on top, in the forefront, looking the best, and being successful. Ego does not want you just to be… ego is what makes some of you accomplish a lot in a day, get the most out of life,... And keeps you busy. If you are operating from hear...t from love, then ego can’t exist. Ego knows this, so would prefer you to be distracted, occupied and busy. That way you have no peaceful moments to get in touch with yourself. And also, we are unable to communicate with you,

I am asking you to take time out and be still,” to get to know thyself.” This is the key to your evolution, to your transformation and ultimate ascension. To know who you are and to realize how powerful you are is self transforming. Many of you are only living and expressing a small percentage of your light being…and with all the planetary distractions, this light is getting dimmer at the planetary level. For some the light is so dim, that they are hardly discernible.

I see your magnificence and I want you to see it.

To experience it

To become one with it.

Having a life here on the planet, at this time in Earth’s evolution is a great privilege.

It is a well sought over prize on a universal level.

Don’t waste your life on trivia, gossip, past speculations, and past injustices.

Every moment can be a life changing moment.

A moment when you finally experience the totality of you.

I am here to be a shoulder to lean on.…

I can hold your hands as you travel the path to enlightenment.

You can achieve ultimate Freedom,

When you realize who you really are

When you feel the immensity of your capacity to love

When you see the bright light that you are

I am so honoured to sit with you and share this message.

To be able to be among the beautiful jewels that you are.

Take a moment to bask in the light.

In the light of you

Blessings to you


As above, and so below

As within, and so without.

Namaste my friends

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