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The Time of Solar Eclipse

The Time of Solar Eclipse

April 08, 2024

Yes, this was a special day for many people on the planet. It was a day when a segment of the  population had a chance to witness a full or partial solar eclipse. It is a moment in time, a short moment when the moon blocks out the sun. The energy of it is felt as the light disappears, and it suddenly gets dark and cold. It was a moment when millions were focused on the same moment. It also was a wonderment for people when the energy frequency was high. It was an exhilarating experience for many, and spiritual for others. It is not often when huge populations feel elation, wonder and joy at the same time. This collective energy can be measurable and affects the ALL. 


Solar eclipses are not rare as they have been happening for as long as the Earth has been here. There have been many mystical stories about the eclipses among tribal nations. The  understanding as to how eclipses were created was unknown. Some of the stories around the eclipses have been quite imaginative. Some of the beliefs were scary and considered a bad omen. Others were times of mystery and a spiritual awakening. It can have a profound impact on humans. It is a cosmic phenomenon that unites people for a moment.

Solar eclipses are much more than a story or wonderment to be viewed. There is a unique energy exchange that happens when the sun’s rays are altered by the moon in this way. It triggers an impulse that awakens all life on this planet. The celestial heavens all follow a pattern of time and space. If you understand this, you can predict the times of unique universal events. These eclipses are not random but uniquely timed by the cosmic calendar.  Many ancient civilizations were very adept at predicting these events.

If you are experiencing  an eclipse, it is a time to go inward and not outward. It is a great opportunity to release all historical past patterns. Your life is not just this life but a culmination of all lives. Your DNA and cellular body have all this information stored within. Your physical vehicle is an amazing body that holds not only your biological lineage but also ancestral lineage. A solar eclipse can trigger past memories of trauma that may have been hidden in cellular level for lifetimes. This is a perfect time to clear this trauma, pain, or hidden memory. It is not necessary to understands the details of the trauma, but just to release it and clear it. 


The solar eclipse gives humanity an opportunity to experience a cosmic event. It takes them away from the world of problems, and the issues of separation. It is an incredible event that draws people  to gaze upwards to the heavens. It helps humanity realize that they are a part of a greater universe…a bigger picture.  It really is a mass awakening. 


Let’s take a moment to breath this in:


Take e deep breath to your root chakra.  Look to see if you have any hidden trauma and pain from the past…look in your ancestral path as well. Bundle up these traumas and memories and transmute them in the light. Feel you body releasing…and becoming lighter. You are experiencing a new sense of freedom.


Take another deep breath to your heart centre.  Open up this area to hold more love. Let it radiate out from you to others near you…to the city and country you are in…to the entire planet….to the sun and moon as they radiate light and love to you…


Take another deep breath to your crown chakra at the top of your head. Look up and feel the light rays and heat from the sun.  Feel the sun’s energy cascade through the top of your head, down your entire body and through your feet below. Send gratitude to the sun as without its energy nothing would exist.

Thank-you precious sun.




My beautiful beings of Light

It is a time of wonderment. Eclipses are events that cause humanity to stop and realize the precision that exists in the universe. The fact that the moon can come in front of the sun and block out all light for a moment of time…is precision at it’s best. And for you to know the exact moment it will happen is also a tribute to humanity’s ability to read the movements of celestial bodies.

There are many celestial wonders that will become known to you in the near future. It is time for Humanity to look at the stars and the universe instead of focusing on past history and past glory. There is so much more to know about your real history, and it does not limit it to your Earthly lives. Do you honestly believe that you are the only planet with life? How could you be the only chosen one?

It is truly time for humanity to stop fighting amongst themselves and against each other. Creating separation and doubt in your societies is very destructive and prevents the evolution of your species. If you want to remain in the dark, continue fighting, blaming, and killing each other. Hate and anger prevents you from seeing the light and from holding and receiving love. As I said before, love is the only answer to the future evolution of your planet.    


The solar eclipses always have long lasting effects on Earth and all it beings. It does not just have an effect at the time of the eclipse. It is more like waves in an ocean…rolling back and forth…Sometimes there is calm and then suddenly the waters are rough and wild. To be sure, there is a change in Humanity’s consciousness. Every person will feel things differently.  Do not judge what is happening to you or not happening. Be assured that there is a change, and it has affected all living things on this planet.

My beautiful beings of light

You are here at a pivotal moment in time.

You will witness many celestial alignments.

That follow the solar eclipse.

You may find that all your senses are sharper.

And you are more sensitive to sound and light.

Take time for yourself to get to know yourself.

Your intuition will be your guiding light.

So, Listen, Watch and Be Aware


Blessings to you


As above, and so below

As within, and so without


Namaste my friends.          


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