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The Salvation of Consciousness

The Salvation of Consciousness March 09, 2023

Yes, consciousness is a key part in the transformation of Humanity and of your planet Gaia. There is little time left to be sleep walking through your life. You are being propelled to wake up and be conscious. We are not referring to just waking up from a deep sleep or after being in drugged stupor. We are referring to you being conscious of who you are and your connection to the Devine.

Many humans are truly in a crazed stupor…. but it is not entirely from outside sources. They are doing to themselves from within. As long as you continue with judgements, self serving activities, collecting things, harming Gaia, abusing your own body, addicting to your technology, being a victim, blaming others, you will remain in an unconscious stupor. Being consciousness does not come from reading spiritual books, reciting texts, meditating for hours, and listening to spiritual tapes. It requires a commitment to follow through your promise to the Creator to be part of the ONE. To realize that you have been given a special gift. That special gift is a body in which to live a physical life. You knew this promise when you were birthed, and as time slipped by, you have forgotten.

Your body is a sacred vessel, in which you inhabit. You selected all parts of it and had a hand in its design. None of this is an accident. Now many Humans are not liking what they chose and are going to great lengths to change what they are. We suggest that the LOVE you are yearning for is found on the inside and not the outside. The greatest LOVE is love of the self. This you will not find in a Botox injection, prescription drugs, or breast implants or a tattoo. When you love yourself, you are at the doorway to Devine LOVE.

Let’s take a moment to breath this in together:

Take a deep breath o your solar plexus…Look at the areas of your body that you have found fault in…or wished it was different.. or felt you were too big…to small…too much hair…too little hair…Look at what you have negatively commented on and release it to the LIGHT to be purified… Release and purify… release and purify.

Take another deep breath to your heart Centre ..your true home... Look at your body and pour love to your self. I love all my parts…I’m not perfect, but I love my life and my body. My body is my temple, I live in my temple. I could not be here without it…Blessings to my body….Blessings

Take another deep breath to your third eye…the all seeing eye. Thank the Creator for gifting you a body…an opportunity to have a physical life enjoy all your senses, to be able to touch the world, to taste its fruits and smell its fragrances and see the Beauty. Send gratitude to the creator…gratitude and more gratitude.

My beautiful beings of LIGHT

We see you all as being perfect. You are all beings of LIGHT and you are all perfect. Your physical vehicle is really on loan to you while here. When it is time to leave, you must leave your body behind. It is important that you deeply honour and acknowledge your body while in this physical life. LOVE is what is needed. Your body is intelligence and recognizes LOVE and responds to LOVE

There is an urgency to be fully conscious right now so that you will be able to ride the winds of change more easily. You are heading to the Age of Consciousness. There will be many changes. A sign of an evolved being is that they can adjust to change easily. Change results in evolution and therefore growth in knowledge and wisdom. You are also in a unique time when humans will be able to ascend with their human body. This is a rare opportunity for Humanity…for those who are ready for this great leap.

By just shifting your opinion of yourself, loving yourself and trusting yourself, you will make a significant change to the rest of Humanity. Even shifting something small in the beginning can make a real change in the future.

Joy goes hand in hand with Love. Joy usually brings laughter which you now know is anti-aging. The physical affects of laughter can really be measured. It releases old tapes, assumptions and hurt feelings that are stored in the body. Blessed are those that being laughter to others ..even if it is for a moment.

My Beautiful Beings of Light

It is always an honour to be able to commune this way.

To be in your presence and to Love you.

We encourage you to committed to waking up.

To being fully conscious in this time of change.

To love yourself and radiate this out to others.

Take time each day to send gratitude to the Creator.

For giving you Opportunity

For giving you LIFE.

Life is sacred…

Remember your promise.

Your promise to live a Devine life.


You are the JOY.

That will make this happen.

Blessings to you


As above and so below

As within and so without.

Namaste my friends

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