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The Revealing Mysteries

Dec 26, 2021

The Revealing Mysteries

Yes, there are many mysteries around the world that are about to be revealed and understood. Many of the mysteries are connected and were put in place to stimulate humanity to reach for the stars. To raise their consciousness to higher realms and not fixate on the past.

Some of the mysteries are crops circles, geoglyphs around the world and unexplained phenomena that is occurring.

Many of the mysteries were shrouded in fear and suspicion. This could be further from the truth…humanity thinks in small ways as they have accepted the limited life they have been living. There is so much more to life than you are knowing. You must question everything you have been taught. The truth is different than you have been taught. It is time to rethink what you think you know.

This planet has been visited by many other beings from other universes and planets. These advanced civilizations have been assisting humanity to advance and succeed in their evolution. Many of your sudden inventions have come from other realms and many more are to come. There will be many new inventions coming in the upcoming years. Inventions in health, energy, transportation, agriculture, and communication.

Many of your beliefs have been distractors and mislead you to think that you are powerless, and the religious leaders are the holy ones and the only beings that have a seat in heaven. This is further from the truth. Truth will be revealed to you…finally.

Let’s take a moment to process this information.

Take a deep breath to centre of your being…Release all the fears that humanity has about life on other planets and visitations to your earth. Release and free yourself of these fears. Welcome these new beings to your planet. They have much to teach you…and not to destruct you.

Take another deep breath to your heart centre. Create space for new knowledge and new learning. Be excited for new revelations and truth coming to you. Welcome it…Look forward to it.

Take a third deep breath and see yourself 10 years from now. Look at what is different. Who are you with…what are you discussing…what is different in your experience? Look to a change…an improvement….more freedom.


Thank you, dear human beings, for taking the time to listen.

It is indeed a time of great change. Your planet Earth is evolving to a higher plane of frequency of light. Everything is back to Source. Humanity as been scurrying around looking here and there for answers as to their origin and the beginning of creation. Religions have had their story line and many have followed blindly as to what dogmas have been taught. Humanity has lost of sight of the Source of all. Look to what keeps the Earth going in a perfect rhythm…all by itself. The birth of a child, whales migrating to far off oceans, and birds flying in perfect pattern and rhythm. The sun shining every day and the plants magically coming up every spring. Each is following a perfect rhythm. This is the Source. The source of all and some refer to it as God and others as Great White Spirit. It is all the same. The Source.

Humanity must realize that the source engages in everything and creates through Love. The planet that you live on is very devoid of love from Humanity. Mother Earth is cracking at the seams and leaking from sores created by man. It is time to realize the fragility of your Earth and to not disturb the balance that it keeps.

The planet is lacking in love. Love, love the answer. Love heals so much and I mean love of all. This is not romantic love. It is more love of all creation. Love of self is so needed now. Much of your depression, anxiety, and sadness, is due to lack of love of self. This is not selfish or vain. It is love of self as a human being that has been gifted with a life on this planet.

I tried to teach this many years ago. To go within and find peace and love there…not without. Your mind takes you to many places, but not often within. When you go within you find peace and joy. And tranquility.The connection with Source is within. Your temple is within and not in a building or place outside of yourself. This is difficult for many of you to accept as much of your life of achievement has been directed to the outer world. You have been terribly busy accumulating, striving to a higher position, and to beating the game of money. This has led to much abuse on the planet. Take a look. It is all around you. The fires, the floods the hurricanes and the drought. The earth is convulsing and hic cupping as it can’t tolerate it anymore.

I know you are all great beings of light and have the power and the ability to make this change

The change in thought and attitude towards your beloved planet

You are beings of light but have been held captive

You have been held in fear and ignorance,

Mostly by religions and governments

This is all changing now

Information is coming to you

Help is coming for many other dimensions

I am here to help all of you

It is a critical point in humanity’s’ evolution.

It is a great choice

You are the game changers.

I am here to help

To lead the way

I honour you immensely

And I stand by you

You are creator beings

Carry the torch and make the changes

That planet Earth is waiting for

Many blessings and love

I send to you.

As above and so below

As within and so without

Namaste my friends.

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