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The Quiet Interlude

The Quiet Interlude

Yes. there seems to be a lull in the energy shifts on the planet at times. This happens to give humanity time to absorb and integrate the shift in vibration. The body, the mind, and the spirit has to adjust to the vibrational changes. And you are all doing wonderfully well. Yes, there will be some aches and pains and headaches, as every cell is shifting to a higher vibratory level. The change is inside and out.

Some of you will be feeling it more than others. Headaches, ringing in the ears, changes in eyesight and hearing will be common complaints. It is hard to understand the magnitude of the change when one is actually in the midst of it.

A quiet interlude is necessary to maintain a balance and grounding while incorporating the changes. Many of you will be experiencing changes in plans and goals. Others will not be relating to what was important to you before. Almost a disinterest in something that was key to your life before. Relationships will shift in different directions. Some will just evaporate or disappear as each of you go in different directions. Failure is not even acknowledged as more important spiritual yearnings will pull you to a different place. Some of you will definitely be shifting your appearance. People may say you look different and indeed you will be looking different.

To be in the midst of an evolutionary change and being the change is a very unique experience. A special experience. Just think of the future possibilities .. unknown right now. As it depends on humanity as a group. Where are you going? What will you look like? Feel like? Be like?

These are all big possibilities to contemplate envision … to capture the essence of it all.

Let’s take a moment to stop and breathe this into the cellular level

Take a deep breath to your heart centre. Remind yourself how special you are to be living right now.. in human form. To be the change in this evolution of humanity.

Take another deep breath to your core. Imagine all your cells in your body as twinkling lights. As your vibration lifts higher and higher, your cells are shining brighter and brighter. You are an amazing imagine of light…bright ..and clear .

Take another third breath and breathe deeply to the bottom of your stomach…this is where your will resides. Your will that determines what you will actually decide to do. Contact your will and reinforce that you can do this. You want to do this and you welcome the change that you are bringing to humanity.


My dearly beloveds…You are so necessary to what is happening right now on your planet. Your vibrational frequency can make a big difference. I know it is easy to say, how can I alone make such a big difference? Your vibrational frequency affects all those near you and has a ripple affect. Just remember that each of you has an energy field that is shared with those around you. You have a great affect on the whole.

There are many injustices that are going to be revealed in the upcoming years. These all must be exposed and transmuted to light. This may sound very simplified, but for those involved in it, it is more difficult than you realize. Some of these injustices are well hidden secrets and deep in the past. Nevertheless, they all must be accounted for and exposed. Light must be brought to all the dark places.

Gaia herself is also experiencing a massive cleansing and clearing. Chemical spills, sink holes, bombs and pollution will not be tolerated anymore. Humanity must realize that anger and hatred affect the environment. How much anger must be released before humanity sees how this is manifesting in weather patterns such as hurricanes, tornadoes and extreme windstorms. Gaia, your planet, has feelings too. Your thoughts and emotions en masse, create your environment. Gaia is very sensitive to humanity’s thoughts and emotions and frequency affects everything.

.The planet has great intelligence. It is important that Gaia remain balanced and this has come to a very sensitive line. Love is required right now. Kindness, deep consideration of others. Compassion and understanding of all kingdoms on the planet form the worm to the elephant. The Source makes sure that everything is in balance. Humanity does not acknowledge their role in the balance of all. Gaia is teetering right now and changes are going to happen to bring her in balance.

So much has happened to your planet over last 10,000 years. Many civilizations ..mostly warring…have taken over each other, killed each other and refuged each other. It also was so when I was here. The Romans took over many lands of many people. It was a time of great upheaval and fear to many peoples. The Roman armies and the Crusaders were very oppressive. Many of these lands have not had peace since and in particular the land of today’s middle East. The scars of the conquering times are still deeply engrained in the earth’s crust.

This is all about to change. Many people on the planet are waking up to a higher consciousness of Oneness. They realize that we are all ONE and no country is more deserving than the other. We must pour love and compassion to the places that are suffering from lack of home, food, and resources. The Creator never intended for people to be living in refugee camps for 10 years and children suffering and dying from starvation. Suffering created by Humanity must cease on this beautiful blue planet.

Thank-fully we have turned the corner where this is possible

You have a part in making this happen.

Your awareness and presence is vital to this transition

I am here to herald in the shift

I am here for you to lean on if need be

Call on me for support

I’m a whisper away

You are deeply loved.

Alleluia to you for hearing this message


As above, and so below

As within, and so without

Namaste my friends

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