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The Hands of Many

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

The Hands of Many

Yes, it will take the hands of many around the planet to bring Peace to the world. Holding hands together in love and peace and harmony, is the only way that this will be achieved. Coming together for the common good of all is the way to proceed. The hand of the human is a very precious biological structure, and it is designed to do so many things. One never thinks of the beauty, skill, and resourcefulness of a pair of hands.

One does not think of the privilege of hands until one had lost one or is immobilized by lack of use of one. Your hands are so necessary when in the act of giving. One gives their hand out to comfort and also to receive. To caress one’s cheek and to gently pat the family pet. Animals really respond to human touch. Your hands feel the many surface textures and they can determine the warmth or coldness of a substance. Your hands are very sensual. And yet, they do marvelous things like play a piano, flute, or guitar. Imagine the beautiful hands as they play the harp. Your hands help you to accomplish many tasks from picking peas, threading needles and painting a picture. One can say that hands are very crafty. You could pass messages to one another merely by touching.

Think of all the movement and motions that your hands do in a day. Your hands really are a language that you use to communicate with each other. From the good- bye wave to flagging people to come to you. Hands are very expressive. They can invite one in or separate one away. The warmth of a hand placed on your shoulder can be very comforting.

Have you ever thought of your hands as sacred? They come together in prayer, and in blessings. Putting your hand on your heart or the heart of another is a very spiritual gesture that has meaning all around the universe.

Holding hands in a circle can increase prayer and blessings. This magnifies the energy and intention of the whole group. You can see this in protest marches and in healing circles. Energy can be passed from one person to another by holding hands. In time, humans will be able to pass messages to one another, merely by holding hands. Hands can feel and move energy and this is a very powerful way to heal the human body.

Each hand is unique, and all the fingers have a unique imprint. Think on this. There are billions of pairs of hands on the planet at present and each one is different. How could this be? The hands of God are many and creation is endless. Can you fathom the magnitude of this? Your hands can identify you.

Now let’s stop a moment to take deep breath together. Breathe into the Source within you and release any worries, misconceptions and beliefs that do not serve the magnificence of you.

Take another deep breath and feel it enter the expansiveness of who you really are, release any old messages, programming and self talk that has diminished you all these lifetimes.

Take another deep breath to your center and gather up light and love and breath out to the tips of all your fingers on both hands. See the light flow to each one, blessing and loving each and everyone.

Take a moment to look at your hands. Remember some of the things your hands have done for you and others. Look at your hands with love and admiration for they are serving you at all times. From the moment you wake up, your hands are ready to serve… to serve you. To make your breakfast, to comb your hair to bath your body. Your hands are very precious to your life on Earth as they make tasks so much easier for you.

There is a painting in the Sistine Chapel in Florence that is very significant. A man of the Earth reaches out to touch the hand of God. This is a very symbolic painting. One needs to reflect its importance. What is the man receiving and what is God giving? The hand of God is transferring to man the power, the intelligence, and the keys to life. Both have similar form and it is very apparent that Man is created in the image of God.

Release any limitations you may be holding in your body.

Take another deep breath

When I walked the Earth, my hands were healing hands. One touch or just holding my hands over would heal and transform. Blessings were many and powerful. You truly can hold the world in your hands and especially so, if everyone held out their hands together in love, light and harmony. This would transform the planet in amazing ways. Reach out and give your hand to someone in need. Your touch is a comfort that is so needed right now. Hold your hands over your heart, feel the energy and pass it out to someone else. You can pass it out to the world. You can hold the energy of a flower and cause it to live many days longer than usual. You can transform matter and raise its vibration by holding it in your hand. Hands are a sacred part of you. You can receive and give love through your hands. Human hands can transform the world just as God’s hands do.

Think on these things I share with you.

Bless the hands that you were given and use them wisely.

Namaste my friends

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