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The Coat of Many Beliefs

The Coat of Many Beliefs

Yes, many of you are in despair as to the confusion as to what is happening to the world you have known. We want you to know, that you are safe amidst the changes that are happening. Your planet Gaia has endured much corruption and greed over most of her history. Can’t you see how this is not working anymore? The planet is to be shared and all beings deserve a good life. Resources are there for everyone. Power and greed have been the theme on this planet for too many eons. Let’s look to a brighter future for you and your beloved planet.

Humanity has learned many lessons, but more are to come. Lessons on love, kindness and compassion are the top three. For too long, humanity have been competitive, protective of their own, and hoarding resources. Religions have divided people; governments have divided people and countries have divided people. You have emerging economies, third world economies and first world economies. Planet Earth is home to all and every person is entitled to shelter, food, and good health. These are basic requirements that can’t be leveraged. They are not negotiable. This will be the basic code of life for humanity on Gaia.

Much debate is centered around unfair discriminatory practices due to race, colour, age, and size. It seems that everyone feels they have been dealt an unfair hand in life. Yes, this has happened presently and in much of your past history. There have been many lies told about your history, religions and creation. These beliefs are almost cemented in your consciousness now and they are most difficult to change. Some of you love your identity with this or that and are unwilling to give that up. Why not create space for something new? Keeping the old beliefs in place, takes much of your personal energy and you become a slave to that belief. Some of you hang on to your beliefs surrounding your identity, very closely to your heart. I am a cancer survivor, I am a sexual abuse survivor, I am a binary person, I am Jewish, I am an Olympian, I am a third-generation survivor, I am coloured, I am a war survivor…and it goes on and on. There are many survivorships in this life and in many countless past lives.

We encourage you to lift yourselves out of this repetitive pattern and look upward to what your world could be like. You all have eyes and hands and hearts. You have the ability to see the soul of a person when looking into the eyes. You have the ability to love a person because of you amazing heart. And you have the ability to help another because of the amazing pair of hands you have been gifted with. Many of you look but do not see, you love conditionally, and you walk away from someone in need. Let’s work together at changing these patterns which are quite commonplace on your planet right now.

Take a deep breath and hold it for awhile. Let go of the old beliefs about you and your life here. Shed any survivorship stories you may have. Yes, they may have happened, but they do not need to be a focal point in your life now. These stories do not need to rule your life now. Free yourself of them…Free yourself

Take another deep breath and fill your lungs with fresh air. Look at all the positive things that you have lived through so far. Honour the people that have showed up for you all these years. Hug them. Thank them. Honour them.

Now take a deep breath to your heart. Imagine yourself free of all judgments, stories, doubt, and old thoughts. Imagine yourself wearing a coat of old thoughts and beliefs. It is time to cast it off for transmutation…You don’t need it anymore. No recycling is allowed as you do not want to pass on these thoughts and beliefs to someone else. They need to be transformed by the light. See the light. Your coat is disappearing in the rainbow light. .. of many colours. Your coat of many colours.


Greetings my beautiful beings of Light

Stepping into this new era for Humanity is a time of jubilation. It is a time of celebration because, for the first time, humanity has advanced in consciousness, to a place, where change can truly happen. There was a moment in the last twenty years when we thought this may not occur. Everything is determined by humanity’s actions. It is a step-by-step process. You have made it to this point. More and more humans are willing at this moment to support Gaia in this change.

It may seem hopeless for some of you who are enduring unusual hardships and unpredictable weather conditions. Many of you are dealing with major upheavals in your life. This is the way Gaia communicates sometimes. It could be a storm, a flood, lots of rain or a heat wave. Gaia is a living entity, and her needs must be recognized. She is to be treated with respect and loving care.

Humanity has to learn that they can’t continually take of the Earth with no intention or real effort to give back. Balance is essential for Earth to survive in a healthy way and for you to survive as well.

Drilling holes deep into the belly of Gaia, scraping her skin for precious metals, polluting the atmosphere with jet fuel, and adding chemicals to the soil is not taking care of your planet. Humanity was given custodianship of this beautiful planet. But Humanity has not learned that the environment is part of you. You will not thrive if you do not take care of Gaia. Unless you give up and decide to move to another planet…as has been suggested already. It is not to say, another planet will welcome beings who have failed to take care of their homeland.

Many of the abuses can be reversed when you decide to never repeat what has been going down for the past 50 years. Lift up your eyes and see an enlightened planet. There are plenty of resources for everyone, but greed and hoarding cause many of the problems. This idea that one must accumulate to be successful in life is a falsehood. Stuffing your home with things does not lead to a spiritually aware lifestyle or lasting happiness.

I am pleased to see that many today are sensing the urgency of the situation at hand. Until more people realize this, lives will be lost, land will erode, and animals will choose to suicide themselves. The environment was not a major issue 2000 years ago. But the beginnings of it were starting to show then as well. The population was small then and Gaia could absorb the abuses more easily. Now, with the large population, the abuses are multiplying to the point that Gaia can’t carry on as before.

I am here to help you to become more attuned to your beloved planet. To listen to her whispers and to tread gently on her surface. To be full of gratitude when you walk her forests, smell her flora, eat her fauna and admire her vistas and oceans. There is so much beauty around you everyday. Gaia makes sure of that.

Your planet, called Gaia or Earth, is a jewel in the universe.

Gaia responds to love and compassion.

All living beings respond to love, compassion, and kindness

Joy is an accelerator and can be a catalyst to sudden change

Praise your beloved land

Do not take from her, if you can’t give back

Give love and kindness everyday

I honour you who is heeding this call

You make a big difference

Your field of influence can change much

Let’s turn the page on the old history book of Earth

And create a new chapter for change and enlightenment

I am here to help you realize


That will make this happen.

You are the change

Alleluia to you

As above, and so below

As within, and so without

Namaste my friends.

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