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The Adoration Principle

July 29, 2022

The Adoration Principle

Yes, there is much that can be grateful for in your world. Look around you and see all the beauty. The creator has given so much to be thankful for. There are sunrises, misty mornings, red sunsets and rainy nights. The gentle breeze blowing across the ocean as the waves lap to shore. The beauty of the millions of flowers on the planet and many have not even been discovered yet. There is beauty in the sounds of the birds, the humming of bees and the quietness of snowflakes falling. There is beauty in the patterns of light, the shadows of the moon and the sound of music that fills the air.

The creator has supplied you with all the elementals necessary to create this planet which really is like a playground for you. The water to quench your thirst, the air for your lungs to breathe, the plant kingdom to supply you with nourishment, the sun’s fire to awaken your consciousness and the moon’s light to create the rhythms and cycles and the Earth so that you have a place to stand on. It is a playground where you get to enjoy with all your six senses. The creator supplied you with a body so that you can enjoy the physicality of this planet. It truly is an amazing undertaking.

It is time to adore your creator and send thanks on a daily basis. You can do this with just a deep in breath. Small groups can gather and create ceremony to celebrate the beauty that the creator has bestowed on us. It is easy to take all for granted and see creation just a blur of activity. Humanity lives life very swiftly from one activity to another. There is barely enough time to take a deep breath…slow down and open your senses. See what is around you…find beauty in odd places and share your wonder with others. The more that do this, the more it multiplies.

Let’s take a minute to process this message.

Take a deep breath …and go to a place where you are in a beautiful garden. Walk among the trees, ferns and plants. Notice the bees humming and the birds chirping. Look at the rich colours in the flower beds.

Your favorite flower has popped up to greet you.

Take another deep breath to your heart. Notice the beautiful green grass ahead of you. Take off your shoes and let your feet feel the blades of grass…the soft leaves and the earth beneath. Mother Gaia has offered you her entire space to live on. Send your love and gratitude to Mother Gaia.

Take another deep Breath and look up to the sun…the light generator that wakes you up every morning and puts you to sleep at sunset… Greet the sun with love and thankfulness. For without the sun, you would be devoid of light….and sight would be lost in darkness…. Glorious sun we love you.


My beautiful beings of Light

Yes, the light is everything. Even though you may not realize it cognitively, you are shing beams of LIGHT. Your brilliance is always magnified when you clear your bodies of negativity, fear and loss. I encourage you to always manage your light frequency, at all times, so that your true brilliance shines through for other to see. Your light is very powerful and one bright light in a dark room, allows everyone to see. Think on this.

Sadly, there is much negativity on your planet right now. Some of this is being played out in dramas like wars, Political take overs, and hateful attacks. It seems perfectly acceptable right now, to spew your anger and emotions anywhere and at any time. Your media welcomes it and actually looks for it. When one does this they affect many with this low energy anger, and it drags others in who are riding the fringes of their realities. When one person attacks another on your media and anger is released, it affects millions as they are watching and internalize it. Sometimes this anger is magnified a million times as a result. The injustice is presented in such a way, that it triggers a cord of anger in many and released on a planetary level. The magnification happens when the millions repeat the story to others and it is further magnified again. So, it is critical not to fall into this trap. Please pay attention to this.

I am asking you to watch your words and thoughts as they are more powerful than you know. Each word carries a light code, and it can be further magnified with feeling. Your thoughts are energy and therefor can coalesce and create form. I am encouraging you to make a commitment to self, to monitor how you speak and what you say so that you are not speaking out of habit. There are many times that Humans say things out of habit and don’t even realize they are saying them. What is your typical reaction? What are your knee jerk responses? What are your predictable expletives!!

My beautiful beings of LIGHT, I am here to help you see the beauty of your being. I am here to instill a deep knowing within yourself, that you are a being of LIGHT and you have an endless capacity to love. When you love all around you, your radiance shines brighter. You feel uplifted, happy and in harmony.

It is time to wake up to the true wonder of you.

To shed the old heavy coat of negativity and feel the Light that you hold

You are very capable to make this change

This change is what you have been living for

And it is what the world has been waiting for.

Welcome to the new you.


As above, and so below

As within, and so without

Namaste my friends.

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