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Riding a Plane of Light

Riding a Plane of Light As we travel through the air on a Light beam it becomes apparent how beautiful and amazing Planet Earth is. Looking down at the billowing white clouds and sparkles of lakes below, allows us to see the majesty of it all. Earth is really a jewel in the universe and so many beings are lining up just to get an opportunity to experience it. As your astronauts tell you over and over again, it is a marvel to behold. And you are the privileged ones enjoying it at this moment in time.

This moment in time, is like no other. Earth is going through a great transformation that was prophesized in many of your holy books. Although it was greatly misunderstood and many different interpretations still exist..., it is the transformation of the human being that was being referred to. It is time for humanity to wake up to the truth of who they really are. The great beings they are. The creators they are. The unlimited abilities they have but have but never knew about. It is time to awaken from the long dream of limitation, suffering and striving. You have been prevented over centuries to be powerless beings and living life of hard work and survival. That is all about to change now and your light will be allowed to shine brightly. You will be set free. You will be able to create easily and enjoy life more fully.

There are many other galactic beings here at this moment observing and coming to assist in your transformation. Do not think for a moment that you are the only planet in the universes, and there are many, that has life. The creator is much greater than you realize. There is so much more to know about your place in the universe. Creation is very expansive and is never ending. It will be a wondrous moment when you interact with highly evolved beings from other galaxies and stars systems.

Let’s take a moment to breathe together and contemplate this reality.

Take a deep breath …a deep breath and release any thoughts of limitation…ideas that you are the only planet with life…that humanity is all there is…there is so much more…. more for you to know and grow into being.

Take another deep breath to your heart…the centre of your chest. And let this area expand forth. with emanations of love…pink rays emanating from your heart center out… to other beings who may be near by…let them receive your light.

Take another breath to your core….and open up your mind to receiving something new…something different from your established belief of what life is all about…let new ideas flow…new realizations that may change your core belief system…. create an opening for newness…. expansiveness… welcome this.

My dear friends …Again it is such an honour to be able to communicate with you in this way…I admire how you all have evolved to this point and the great advances you have made. Right now, you can get a message out all over the world with a flick of a finger on the keypad. That was not the way my days on Earth. Everything was by word of mouth as most people did not read or write. So much information had to be shared by verbal communication, music, poetry and what you have called, parables.

We travelled slowly either by foot, donkey or camel in that time period. We did not have your motor cars and fast planes. It is a fascinating to sit on a plane and watch the Earth below and see everything in miniature, the fluffy clouds, the sunsets. It is truly riding a plane of light and even though it is spectacular many passengers missed it completely. They were either watching a movie, tuning out or sleeping. Many do no want to meet the person next to them and purposely keep out of the way or to themselves. You can meet the most interesting beings on the plane next to you. It could be a being from another planet…they do integrate and look like you. or it could be someone with a message to share with you. Meetings such as these can be pivotal in one’s life. You must be open to meeting someone remarkable to have them sit beside you.

I encourage you to think outside the box as your saying goes. You are very programmed to think alike and not “rock the boat”. You need to be of different mind to let the whole world in. If you mind is small and constricted and you are only comfortable with what is known, then that is where you stay. If you want miracles, and revelations to come to you, ask for understanding and then you must create space for this. It is easy to stay in one position if you are comfortable, and it is known to you. But I am encouraging you to want more, seek more, be more. But you must create space for this. When you create a space, an opening, then everything comes flooding in. You will be bombarded with new information, new people, and new thoughts.

Yes, there is so much more to the world and to being in a body.

I am here to help Humanity open up to a whole new understanding of who they really are.

I encourage you and thank you for being here right now….listening to this.

You are amazing beings, and you just don’t know it yet.

Your minds are locked in a particular belief system.

Let’s work together and crack open the lock

Let’s feel excited about new ideas, new experiences, and new thoughts.

Invite new beings to come and sit next to you,

To share a message or just a welcoming smile…a healing gesture

Open up your senses

And be ready to receive.

I honour you

I welcome your greatness

I am that you are.

You are, that I am.

As above, and so below

AS within, and so without

Namaste my friends.

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