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Remembrance Days

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Nov. 11, 2020

Remembrance Days

Today is a day of Remembrance. The entire planet is honoring and remembering those that have served in wars under the guise of freedom. Marches are usually held on this day. It is more of a time of quiet reflection. It is a time to contemplate what wars are really about for humanity.

Wars are the lowest form of solving conflict. It carries an extremely low frequency. You can’t agree so you take up arms and kill each other. Then you glorify the victors and the brave hearts that gave up their lives to create the story. We look upon wars as NOTHING to be proud of. This is a misled belief that humanity holds…to make heroes out of those that fought for your freedom. And even worse, is to enlist souls to carry out your war in the name of freedom. And to then make heroes of them when they don’t return or when they return maimed, dismembered and mentally traumatized for life. Wars are not to be glorified. There are no heroes in war. There is only tragedy, loss and hurt.

Humanity is addicted to wars and fighting and winning. You see this in your movies and video games. How many war movies have you watched? There is an endless variety. Humanity seems to be mesmerized by killing the enemy who is really your fellow brother or sister. Your enemy is really another version of you…just on the opposite side. In the next hundred years, wars will not occur as humanity will have surpassed this as a way of solving conflict or differences of opinion. Once humanity raises its consciousness, having a war or taking up arms will not even be considered. All life will be sacred.

Your Remembrance Day is really a day for those who have lost their loved ones. It is a way to help heal the hurt. By making soldiers heroes, you justify their early death. It is easier to live with and accept such a big sacrifice. This truth will not be accepted by many and even resented.

Remembrance Day in the future will be a day to commit to changing the way humanity deals with conflict. It will be a day to remember those who have died early but also a vow to never repeat this behaviour again. It will represent a sad chapter in the history of Humanity.

Let’s stop and breathe together while processing this message.

Take a deep breath o your heart…This is where sorrow and pain is often stored. Release the pictures of that you have held in your body over many years…. release them

Take another deep breath to your lungs…on the outbreath. Let go all images of war, bombs, weapons and death…release…release…

Take another deep breath to your third eye…Imagine pink clouds of love billowing and surrounding an area that may be in conflict today…let these clouds shower love on the people in the conflict areas…Pour Love, , and more love.

Nov. 08,2022

My dear Beautiful Beings of Light

It has been two years now…since that was written. In that time of contemplation, hatred and anger was brewing in some countries. Plotting and planning was underway to take back a land that is thought to be theirs to take. Do you think anything has changed in the last two years? D0 you think humanity has learned from all the mistakes of the past?

Unfortunately, you are witnessing another war in your midst. A big power nation is trying to overtake a small one. They are using all their might, power and bully tactics to get their own way. The smaller nation is fighting for its life. They have asked the rest of the world to help and some are. It has continued now for almost a year now. What is the cost of this war? How many souls have lost their bodies or have lost loved ones or who are maimed forever? The rest of the world watches on the boxes you watch or device you carry in your pocket.

Many humans are becoming immune to the violence and tragedy, it is something that is going on in the background of their minds. For some it is like watching a movie and it is not real. War is very unevolved way of solving conflict. I have said this before. There is no glory or victory for either side in a war, as the cost of life makes it so. For every life taken, there is a cause and effect, and that debt must be paid sometime in the future. ....Either individually or as a group.

My heart aches as I witness what is going on. Some justify it by saying it is a war. This is what happens in a war. The civilians are in the way and are eliminated. The creator would never support or promote war. The creator is only interested in maintaining life in all it’s forms.

My Beautiful Beings of Light, it is time to love each other. To care for and be kind to each other.

To make heroes out of an act of war is a misplaced belief that your societies have engrained in you for many thousands of years. Yes, there are negative leaders and corruption is rife on the planet.

But there is now a movement to shift this planet from this low vibrational thinking to a more elevated and spiritual way to solve conflict.

You are all ONE.

Even though you live in other countries.

Even though you have different skin tones, eye colour, and hair styles

Even though you believe in different Gods and celebrate in different ways

Even though some of you are very poor and have no home and some of you are extremely wealthy and own many homes,

You are way more alike then different.

You are all ONE

The Human Race is unique on this planet

There is no other like it

Celebrate your ONENESS

You are all Beings Of LIGHT

Glory to the day

When this is realized by all.

Blessings to you

Who realize this already

And are holding your light

To help make this change.

As above and so below

As within, and so without.

Namaste my friends.

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