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Moody Moments

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Moody Moments

Yes, it is very challenging time for most people. If you listen to your media, you can fill your cup with sad and disturbing news in a few minutes. It is really easy to feel down, depressed or helpless on the planet right now. There are enough sorrows simultaneously playing out for you, so it is really easy to feel sad, anxious and fearful. It is best to try to remove yourself from this energy for a portion of your day. If you have some fair weather, you can still walk in the park and do some bird watching. Do a meditation or think of a picture or happy time that really brings you comfort. It is so important that you don’t get so immersed in the stories in your news of the day. You can be so easily drawn into the drama. You can become the drama.

When you feel these “moody moments”, try to lift yourself out of them as quickly as possible. So many people on the planet today, are sitting in misery, judgments, sorrow, victimhood, and resentment. We are not discounting the many difficulties and tragedies that are currently happening on your planet today. We are just encouraging you to elevate above and envision a different reality. If more and more people do this, your reality will change from doom and gloom to something transcendent. Be like the silk worm and transform something that is less into something more ..more magnificent. You have a choice in how you react and how you carry your light in your world. It is a challenge to carry yourself poised and head held high when everyone else around you is crumbing. It does take courage and focus to be be a trial blazer of light.

Let’s relax and stop for a moment and breathe together

Take a deep breath to your heart and stop all the chatter and noise that may be around you. In times of change there is much action and reaction. Silence all the clatter and relax in your personal temple…the body that you live in. This is your personal sanctuary. It always has been your sanctuary.

Take another deep breath and listen to the silence within…you may hear some distant sounds…your heartbeat perhaps….the hum of your universe.. the universe that is your body…listen…listen

Take another deep breath and open send out gratitude to your creator for bestowing this human experience to you. Feel honoured for being in body and to be here for this monumental change in Planet Earth. Open up the pathways and the sources to all the avenues to being something new to your reality. Something refreshing..uplifting..transforming…eternal


Welcome my beautiful beings of light. Much is happening in the last few weeks in your time. More old wounds to be cleansed and transmuted…more earth changes, some physical and some emotional. There certainly has been a shake up in the predictable way of life you had before.

Many of you are desperate to hang on to the past. This can impede the forward movement. Letting go is very challenging as humans are very protective of comforts and home. Many are seeing only the obstacles that are in the way of progress. But an obstacle can also be an inspiration. Some of the greatest inventions occurred when there were many obstacles. Right now, with all the new energies coming to earth, it will be easier to see around the obstacles and create something marvelous. Creative talents flourish when there is change and uncertainty.

The winds of change will being much needed new innovation and inventions that will truly help your world. The Earth will be a better place for all sentient beings…from the insects, animals, sea life to the humans who all live on the planet together. There will be a more respectful relationship between all the different species honouring and understanding will be of ONENESS.

Breath is life…no one thing can live here without it. You breathe the same air as the mouse in the hay, the bird flying in the sky and the bear in the woods. You all breathe the same mana and share with each outbreath. You really breathe each other. You are ONE giant breath. You are ONE.

This concept of ONENESS was difficult to instill in the days of my time on Earth..but today it is more easily understood as the consciousness of humanity has evolved to a point where this can be accepted and believed.

You are such magnificent beings of light

Your light can change so much in a short span of time

The more that gather together in ONENESS

The faster your world will evolve

I always honour your brilliance

It is a joy to walk along beside you

I am here to encourage you

You are the reason I am here

You are the one that can change so much

I always honour you

I am eternally grateful

To you for being here now

For listening to my words

Blessings to you


As Above, and so below

As within, and so with out

Namaste my friends

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