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Jambalaya of Truth

Jambalaya of Truth March 31,2022

Yes, it is becoming harder and harder to determine what is true and what is not. There seems to be many variations on truth, and it varies with the believer and the disbeliever. Even when one believes truth to be one way, there is another who challenges you and says it is incorrect, not real, or fake or unreliable. So, it really has become challenging for the Human to pick and choose from the Jambalaya of truths…which one am I comfortable with? Which one resonates within me?

Truth is further confused by your media and your many different theories that are being pumped on your communications outlets. It is easy to sway people’s minds if the story is repeated over and over again. Humans are very easily programmed this way. Continuous bombardment of a story will soon be accepted as truth. It takes a determined and evolved Human to see and be above the cloud of illusion that most are living in.

It is best not to rely on any others’ opinions, as that would confuse the issue even more. Instead, go within and feel what resonates best with you. Your body is very intelligent and if you take the time to communicate with it, it will tell you the answers you are looking for. Truth resonates within and not without.

There is great change coming to your planet. All the events that are surfacing are necessary to clear away the darkness, so that Gaia can hold more light. Your brightness adds to the total light that is being held by Gaia right now. This is a transformational time for her as well. The amount of light determines the changes that will happen. Light is being poured to your planet now and you are here to anchor it in physicality. Think of yourself as a pillar of light, shining wherever you go.

Now let’s take a moment to really feel into this message:

Take a deep breath to your heart centre…hold you breath for a moment in this space…clear away all the different stories and variations of stories from your memory….release them. see them disappear in the light

Now....take another deep breath to the bottom of your lungs. You may feel grief in this area….grief for personal losses and grief for the many aspects of your life that are changing. Release this grief.

Take a third deep breath down to the tips of your toes.. acknowledge that change is coming… Open your mind, heart and senses to creating something new. You can do this…See yourself standing in a beam of light moving forward with certainly and love in your heart. You can do it.


My dear beings of light.

Yes, change is upon everyone and everything living in this dimension. I want to remind you that you are great beings of light. You are capable of bringing great change for the good of all. Always look higher than most to see the big picture. From this higher vantage point, you will be able to shield yourself from much of the negativity that is playing itself out on the planet right now.

Yes, people are suffering and yes, there is conflict and warring is happening right now. This is nothing new for this planet, it is just that it is in your face right now…It is in everyone’s face. You can’t say it is not happening as you are continually being reminded that it is happening. This time you can’t escape and say I didn’t know, I didn’t realize that it was this way, or I just let the leaders and governments figure it out. Maybe this time, humanity as a whole will see what it is itself. The children that have just arrived here, are having to live through this negative experience when humanity almost destroys itself.

I am here again I promised many eons ago. It was not clearly understood then, as today’s timeline would be too far in their future for people living at that time to grasp. It was a very different consciousness then. Humanity has evolved much in the thousands of years since, and the time that was predicted, has arrived. This is the greatest rise in humanity’s consciousness in Earth’s history.

You are here for this most single event in the history of this planet.

You are a great piece to this puzzle of change.

Each of you holds a special peace to make this happen

The shift wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for you

Raising your consciousness to this higher level

And holding more light for others to see

This Is what has made this possible

You have made this all possible.

Yes, you are great beings of light

You are greater than you know

I am here to remind you of your greatness

And to encourage you to follow your heart

Love is the key to this change

You hold the key in your heart

Use it now to do your part

You can do this

You can do this

Blessings to you


As above, and so below,

As within, and so without.

Namaste my friends.

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