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In the Morning Light

In the Morning Light

 May 16,2024


Yes, the morning is the best time to connect with your higher self, your soul. The morning is a time when the busyness of the day has not begun. The earlier the better as you are fresh from a sleep  and have not filled your head with the duties of the day. Its is a time when you can go for an early walk-in nature, meditate, or just sit in quietness and contemplate. Your mind is more open and  freer at this time. The dawning of the new day is also the best time to set intentions and focus on what you want to experience for the day. It is a time when the brain waves of the previous day have been cleared and there is space for new information.


This is the time when new awareness, and intuition can communicate more easily. Your guides and friends on the spirit side can connect more easily and freely with you . you will be more open to receiving messages and guidance if you have asked for it. It is a time of clarity and  Clairaudience. Clairaudience is when you can hear information from the spirit side. It is a skill that one can be honed with practice.   Some say it is  like hearing another voice or two voices at the same time. You can tune into that other channel and receive information that is helpful to your life. This skill is needed more today than before because of all the changes happening on your planet now. Your inner guidance system is going to be key in your survival during challenging times. All is within and not without, is a famous saying from one who was a Master who walked on your Earth.


Some people are Clairvoyant. That is  when they see information before they hear . It also is a skill and gift that helps to guide you forward. Clairvoyants see pictures or images of information. They may see pictures of past and present lives of people or situations near and far.  They see images of inventions before they are created. Often this happens in early morning as soon as they wake up. There is more clarity of vision in morning. But clairvoyance can happen at any time of day, and this will happen to more and more people. In the past these people were considered mentally imbalanced and heretics. In your future time, visions will be honoured and paid more attention to. People will be able to share their visions without being scoffed and laughed at.


Your physical body is an amazing gift that can accommodate and do so many things for you. It is time to learn and realize the magnificence of it.  It has an amazing guidance system that has virtually been undiscovered to this point in your time.  Your brain is so much more than any computer that will ever be invented. Do not let technology be your guidance system as it can destroy you. This is a warning and has happened before with advanced civilizations on your planet. Civilizations that you know very little of and have been hidden from you.  Love was the missing factor then and because of that, they destroyed themselves.

Love must be in all  your creations. Love is a very powerful key to what is needed now in order to correct what is happening. Love and kindness to one another and to all. You are all ONE and this is key to your survival as a species on this planet.


Let’s take a moment to breath this in


Take a deep breath to your heart…This is your centre of love . your heart is a beautiful body that keeps you alive and it is because of love . you were created in love…sit for a moment and radiate the love that you have within you here.


Take another deep breath and go to your third eye, in the middle for your forehead. Look a  head to your planet and imagine love and kindness in every corner and crevasse ..there  are no more wars, conflicts, and violence. There is only PEACE and HARMONY.


Take a third breath to your crown chakra…at the top of your head. Imagine the light from the creator shining a beam toward you…clear white light..  sparkling with light diamonds… infusing you from head to toe. You are basking in the light. You and the creator are ONE.      





My beautiful beings of light.


Now, is the time to be within and listen .Listen to your beautiful temple that you are housed in. This magnificent machine that you are going to get to know. You have all the answers within. All the universe is within you. Your DNA is key to opening up channels that have been closed to you for millennia. You are magnificent beings that have been mislead by your society at large.

In the past, you have given your power away as you have bought into the idea that there are those among you that are better and more powerful. You have given  them God status.  You have acquiesced due to fear and ridicule.  Yes, those in power were skilled at creating fear in order to control.  This is changing with the new energies coming to your planet. A new consciousness is coming to humanity that will awaken humanity  to who they are.  Your present situation is the result of many past histories on this planet. And it is all being played out now. The last battle so to speak.


Light is being poured on this planet. This is a unique time in the  history of your Earth but also for the entire universe. This was predicted in your holy books but in different ways. It has  been misinterpreted and  rewritten to create fear and doom. It does not have to be that ending. It can be a time of greatness, expansion, and invention. But Love must be in all your technologies and discoveries. This is the lesson for human beings right now.   LOVE technology should be the buzz word. The new generation will not be interested in past history and past hatred between nations. They will be bringing the love technology with them. They will not want to listen to past victories and war stories and memorials dedicated to them. Yes, it is tearing down the old and bringing in the new.


Humanity has been sequestered unto itself for along time. Isolated and thinking they are the only planet with life as you know it. You are about to realize that you are a part of a great incredible universe…that has many other worlds to explore. You are a part of a great universe full of different life forms and planets.   You will realize that LOVE is what makes the universe go round and round…like your song.


You are the treasure of this planet. You are the seeds that were planted many centuries ago. Planted and now sprouting and waking up to who you are.

You are great beings of LIGHT

You are the ones we have been waiting for.


I was among you many years ago.

I was the Sower of the Seed

You are the seed that is waking up.

This moment in time is the long-awaited prediction.

The prediction that you would wake up

And realize the  magnificence.

And who you really are.


Blessings to you



As above and so below

As within and so without


Namaste my friends  

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