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In the Morning Light

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

In the Morning Light

Every morning is a new day and can be compared to a new birth. A new birth of self. Every person is reborn every day that he wakes up. He can create miracles and change the course of his life ...if he wishes. Much is processed during the night…even though you may not remember it. There is so much opportunity every day and the possibilities are endless. Most humans don’t realize the power they have to create and to destroy…. which ever way they wish to direct their energies.

You are a new person, every day you wake us. A sparkling new day.. A new beginning. A day that you can make memorable or just the same as the day before. It is all up to you. What do you want to create?

One should look at each day with enthusiasm as it is a new start…and receive what the universe has presented you. You have a big hand in what is being created…it is not all just up to chance. Your energy. Positive or negative is like a magnet and attracts like. We cannot emphasize this enough. Many of you wallow in your misfortunes and sorrows and when that is not enough, you also take on the sorrows and anger of others. This can be through your media, your news channel or written word. Many people in relationship have truly lost themselves as they have taken on the energy and issues of another that is close to them.

It is hard to keep your boundaries if the other is skillful at manipulating and controlling you through neediness or power mongering. We see this so much in relationships, one is lost in the dilemmas of the other. This can happen so unexpectedly and in the guise of being a good partner, you have actually prostituted your energy away. This often leaves

you feeling depleted and angry. It’s important right now, with the Dawning of the New Human that you keep all your energy intact. It is paramount that you be functioning with all of yourself and not just a part of yourself. We say this in the kindest way and doing so in such a way as to not hurt others. It is easy to know when you have given your energy away. as it is easy to feel the difference.

There is much abuse in the way people honour each other and then take energy from the other…thinking it is for them to take. Some beings actually live off the energy of another. Leaving them weak, tired. and then succumb to an early death. Again , this can be done in the name of love. But rally love leaves each partner feeling renewed and energized.

Let’s take time together to look at our relationships and feel he energy around them.

Take a deep breath and being to mind a relationship that may be concerning to you …feel into the dynamics of the relationship. Are you feeling free, are you pleasing all the time…are you putting yourself last and the other first…all the time…some of the time…most of the time…?

Take another deep breath to your heart…..and feel what the heart is saying to you. Are you leaking energy to another person, situation, some drama, some outside tragedy or are you taking away from yourself with self negative talk and self putdowns. …be honest with yourself and see what is leaking your energy field.

Take another deep breath to your centre and fill your heart with the love and joy it deserves…fill it up brimming to the top with love…. unconditional love …and joy. Take another deep breath and release anything that is taking your energy from you….claim your own energy field and know how it feels to be whole…all of you …together in one piece…finally …know it…this is the real you.

I am thankful for another moment together to share and learn. Yes, you must be cognisant of what your energy is feeling like and when you have given it way to another. When you give your energy away, it disempowers you. Fear is the best way to disempower anyone. There is much fear in your world today…if you look at the media and the ongoing traumas on your planet. It is hard to achieve peace when so much turmoil is happening on a daily basis. Whether it be earth quakes, hurricanes, bombs, terrorists or pandemics. Fear is attacking humanity on all sides today…or so it seems.

It was a challenge to keep myself intact when in situations that brought danger to me or my countrymen. We were always under surveillance as you would call it today…being spied upon as I was considered a disturber in those days. It would be similar to a radical thinker and the Romans did not like it that people were following me, and the crowds were getting bigger and bigger. The Jewish Rabbis did not feel conformable around me either as I was not following their dogma of the day. I threatened their beliefs and they wanted to keep the way they were.

Children are a different situation. Children often survive off some of the parents ‘energy…especially the mother’s energy. This is normal to up to around 5 years of age…It is natural to give of your energy to your child until they can hold their own or at least become more independent. It is important to slowly ease off and give the child the experience of feeling himself in his own energy field. That way they will not feel so panic stricken and experience separation anxiety when left alone or entering school for the first time.

My beautiful beings of light…If only you can see how radiant you look when in your full glory.

I am encouraging you to step into the fullness of yourself

I am holding the space for this to happen for you

For you to release all that is holding you back

From filling your cup full

With the light that you are

The light that changes everything

I honour you as you make this change

I acknowledge you

And I see you.

Glorious and Bright

As above, and as below

As within, and as without

Namaste my friends

Direct Communication

Perfect Moment

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