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Humanity's Greatest Enemy

Humanity’s Greatest Enemy May 24, 2022

Yes, it is time for Humanity to take a long hard look at itself. There are too many problems in your world to just dismiss and not say something is wrong. How many people have to die in wars, or starve on the street corner and sleep under benches in dark cold streets or get shot in schools before humanity will stand up for decent living and standards for the entire population? How many children need to suffer as the result of decisions made by adults in your governments and society? How much pain and suffering do you need to watch on your media before you will be moved enough to do something?


Yes, there are so many issues that are coming to light right now. And more will come if Humanity does not act to make necessary changes that support life here on your planet. Look and see how people react to one another and how they treat nature and other life forms living here. Humanity’s worst enemy is itself.

As long as things remain as they are and no attempt to make changes, then more events will surface to bring Humanity the experience it needs to think differently.

Unfortunately, we stand by and witness the events as people are mowed down like fodder and blood is spilled over vast areas, and cleaned up. .. and cleaned up. Just to have it happen again and again.

Removing guns and weapons of mass destruction is easy to illuminate. It takes one decision. That’s all. These weapons are man-made for the purpose of destroying other human beings and life forms. Using an old belief that you are entitled to carry arms for your protection is a man-made belief and has never come from the Creator. The Creator is never interested in destroying but allowing life to exist and thrive. Man is only into destroying itself and surroundings. Do not be misled into believing that this is a part of a sacred charter that needs to be upheld. The old charter was created in an old energy and Humanity must raise its consciousness to live life without such destructive toys. And they have become toys in your video games, in your media, in your entertainment and in your consciousness.

Let’s take a moment to go within and really resonate with this truth.

Take a deep breath to your heart where you know the truth. The Creator is all about love, life and happiness. Release the beliefs that you must destroy other humans and eliminate them to be safe and prosperous. Your warring nature would be non-existent if all weapons ceased to exist. Release these beliefs…these toys….these images….release…release.

Take another deep breath and go to the bottom of your lungs. Grief often settles here. There is so much planetary grief right now that every Human is affected by it. You cannot escape this as it is everywhere around you…release this grief…transmute it to light…release and transmute

Now take a deep breath and focus on your third eye…that special spot between your eyes….in middle of your forehand. Envision a different reality. See yourself in a world of love, understanding and harmony. The sacredness of life is shared by all…and humanity is free and living life on a sea of Love and Joy…envision this… see yourself there…in the light…in Peace.


My beautiful beings of Light

I’m so honoured that you have taken the time to listen to this message and to also honour who you are. You are far more important and powerful then you have been taught and led to believe. This veil of deception and forgetfulness has prevented you from seeing what life is. It is time to really acknowledge that you are a magnificent being and have the ability to do much for your precious Earth right now.

Your planet has evolved much over the last 2,000 years…especially in technology. With many new inventions of travel, education and mass media. It is a far cry from the walking days on dusty paths, or riding donkeys, or chariots on Roman Roads. Your ability to communicate globally and travel globally in a short span of time is very impressive and inspiring. But you may be surprised to know, that there were other civilizations on Earth before you that had equal and more advanced civilizations. There were around five others and they all ended because they destroyed themselves. I am here to help prevent this from happening this time. This time must be different. This time you must find your heart.

The last few decades have spiraled in the wrong direction. Enlightenment does not need guns, weapons, dictatorships, power mongering, judgement, and hate.

Humans are very loving, but this has been curtailed and lost in the foray of hate and mistrust that has taken control of much of your planet.

It is time to see what life really is. It is much more than you are living. You must connect in your HEART and open the doorway to experience the truth of it “You are all ONE…and What you do to another, you do to yourself”. This you know and have heard…but do you really know it… in your heart, in your being...ness.

Your ability to hold the light and stay in your heart is the key to changing this planet

You are here to do this at this time.

Awake…. Awake and take your place

Your long slumber is over.

Living your earthly drama is over

Following your same routine is over

You are here now

To be the light and the way- shower for others

I honour you for remembering

I am here to herald in the change for Humanity

To be a loving planet

And you are key to making this happen

Your radiance and love is what is needed

Your presence in every moment

Makes a big difference

You are the reason I am here

You and I will do this together.

Blessings to you


As above and so below

As within and so without

Namaste my friends.

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