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A Mad World

Nov. 20, 2023

A Mad World


Yes, it does look bleak at times when things are changing at a rapid speed.  Your world is collapsing in certain places, fighting for survival in others and shaking in the wake of volcanoes as well. It does seem volatile if you look at all these events all together. Planet Earth is responding to humanity’s emotions and thoughts. She is especially responding to all the rage that is circulating the planet today.


Planetary thought is key to making changes. This involves raising humanity’s consciousness to Peace, Harmony, and Love.   This is the only way that there will be World Peace in your world. It all starts with you…and the Peace, Love and Harmony you carry within.


Until humanity realizes the link between human emotions and planetary weather and climatic changes, more disasters will occur. We can’t stress enough how powerful hate and rage are and what they are doing to your climate and weather. ..especially when it is collective rage. Planet earth is a living breathing entity….and she must be treated with kindness and respect. We have said this before…” you are at a critical tipping point where she cannot recover from the treatment she is receiving.

Do you not think that the bombs, gun fire and land mines are not destroying her as well as destroying yourselves? You easily justify your position in war…over a piece of land, oil wells, shipping lanes, drones, human trafficking, revenge, and other justifications. You also fight in the name of God or Yahweh or Allah?  Innocent children are caught up in this. They are sacrificial lambs…. giving up their new lives for something they know not.   Again, we stress that the destruction being caused, and the loss of life is madness on all levels. How much blood has to spill before, enough is enough?


There is no justification for what is happening today. Many of these wars are over old wounds from the past. It involves getting back something, and taking revenge for some atrocity that has happened. Some wounds go back hundreds of years…and these wounds are activated and charged with emotion. When this happens to a group of people, much destruction can result. The idea that there is a winner or a loser in a war, is absurd. Both sides are losers in that they allowed themselves to get into this predicament that they are in. If a leader is not supporting PEACE, then they are not a true leader of the people.


We are reminding you that timing is very key here.  Planet Earth is in a fragile state right now…so right thinking, care and support are key to changing all this a round. Each moment is special moment and gives you an opportunity to shine is a different way…to shine for Gaia and give gratitude and love.


Let’s take a moment to breathe into this situation. 

Take a deep breath to your lower back area…your root chakra. Gather up the world anger and put it in a pink balloon and release to the light…see it dissolve in the sunlight… evaporate to the light…release it…do it again if necessary….and again.


Take another deep breath to your heart center and sit here for a while in the love that is there. Gather up more love and send to the areas on the planet where people are suffering from war and conflict. …magnetize this and send this out to the trouble spots on this planet.



Take a third deep breath. And go to your third eye and see faith, love, and harmony in all areas of the planet. See humanity responsible for their words and emotions. See Humanity showering love to all corners of the Earth. … See Planet Earth shining and basking in this rainbow of light circling Earth..




My beautiful beings of Light.

I am so pleased to be able to sit with you for a while…to share words…to open up your hearts to compassion and love and harmony. There are so many special moments for you in every single day. It is important that you seize these moments and not excuse them away because you are too busy, have something else to do or are distracted. Many of you miss the moment due to others around you who are in their drama and pull you in as well.   Also, it is important that you do not affect others by your drama and pull them down. Setting clear boundaries for yourself so that you can maintain a high vibration is helpful at this time when your world in in upheaval. Walking the path as a light worker is often a solo path, where one has to hold their head high and not succumb to what the majority are experiencing and feeling.  This takes a lot of courage and determination to stay balanced and grounded.  

I want to talk about the old adage that you know well…An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. This comes to mind when I see what is going on in your daily life on Earth. You have several wars occurring on your planet right now…and I do believe there is going to raising its ugly head a third one.

Many of these wars and disagreements are basing their assumptions and attitudes on the eye for an eye principle. Some believe that when a wrong is done you have the right to do something back.   You deserve retribution, and retaliation. A remedy or an accommodation is often sought after.  Money helps in most cases. 

Many wars and serious conflicts are started on something even simpler…a glare, an inappropriate comment or sadly not answering the call. You have the wars that are external, and you have the wars that are internal…within oneself. If you do not have Peace and Harmony and love in your heart, you will be placing yourself on a path of destruction.


My beautiful beings of Light.

I bring up these issues as conflict and war as it is happening amidst your peoples.

These wars are brought into your living room by social media.

They are creating wars and conflict in homes that have been relatively peaceful before.

The days of killing each over have to come to an end.

You have great power to makes some changes.

To bring awareness to those that sleep.

For they are falling into line

Like good little Human beings should.


This attitude of complacency must change.

Love, kindness, and compassion must resonate in everyone’s heart.

If you continue to release rage and start wars,

The destruction does not only affect people, but the animals, the land, and the air as well.

An eye for an eye will truly make the whole world blind and barren.

There is much truth in this.

Remember you are great beings of light.

Who are practicing on what it is like to be human.

It is time to show your true light.

So that everyone can see the light that you are

And it will hep carry them to the light.


Blessings to you



As above, and so below

As within, and so without.

Namaste my friends.


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