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The Tick Tock of Life

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

The Tick Tock of life June 22, 2022

Yes, time is ticking away at a much faster speed than before. Is it really a matter that everything is speeded up or it is perceived to be the case?. Are you trying to slow things down or are you scrambling around to stay on top of things? It feels like you are being pulled into something or watching your usual lifestyle slowly disappear. Something new is on the horizon, but there is the adjustment period to go through. This is a transformational time for Planet Earth, and you must be ready to go with the flow. Trying to put the brakes on or change course suddenly, may not work. Expect many changes and then your resistance will not be so heightened.

Expect the unexpected.

It is best to be the observer. Yes, you are a part of all this change, but you can also be at a distance so that your emotions and feelings are not heightened most of the time. Having opinions and judging events lowers your vibratory level, so it is best to be the observer. Imagine yourself sitting on a high perch, and from a bird’s eye view observing below.

Your media is expert at bringing up emotions through exposures of injustices in your society. Every day something breaking is on the news and this keeps the population in a heightened state of fear. What will happen next? Will l survive and provide for my family? The worst is yet to come. People are dying at an unprecedented rate. The financial forecast is dim. If you don’t get in now, you will never be able to. These are some of the messages that you are hearing regularly that keep you in a elevated state of anxiety and unrest.

Fear of surviving the next crisis is always looming in the forefront of Humanity’s thoughts. Will I be able to ride out this downturn in economy? Will I be one of the two people to get the disease that is attacking us now? Will there be a planet for my children to live on? Is the planet going to survive? Fear is the most negative and debilitating energy and Humanity is deeply immersed in this right now.

Let’s take a moment now…to reflect on this message

Take a deep breath to your solar plexus, the area around your belly button. (breath) Let go of any fears you have about surviving on the planet…release all the fearful images and messages you have seen in your media. Release them… release them

Take another deep breath to your heart area…This is your safe place .. your place of neutrality…stay here for a moment………. Feel the light engulf you as you rest here…the light is bright…. comforting...peaceful

Take another deep breath and hold it for awhile…create a big space for new energy and new insights…magical moments…boundless Love…Peace and JOY…and above all….freedom to be the great spirit that you are.


My dear beautiful beings of LIGHT,

It is a moment in time like no other. So many years …so many tears...and now we are here in this moment. I am so honoured to be able to speak to you now.

It may appear that the social fabric of your world is crumbling down...but instead it is re-evaluating and restructuring to represent more fairly for everyone. Many of your leaders are not leading but engaged in destroying each other in order to control power. The government was meant for the people and represent the people.

Even if a leader is doing well, the opposition will not acknowledge, or support or promote his efforts in order for him to continue on his path. Instead, there is character bashing, name calling and accusations which dimmish whatever credibility he had in the beginning. This is sifting down to the populace, and they now take on the behaviour of the legislators and feel justified in bashing their representatives. It is disheartening to see and hear the lack of governance. A great leader needs the support and trust of the people he represents.

It all comes down to trust. There is no trust within the parties themselves, and this has filtered down to no trust in the populace. Now we have a situation of suspicion, doubt and anxiety in the general population. All these emotions are based on FEAR.

Fear is the lowest vibration on the planet and unfortunately it keeps expanding itself exponentially. I am asking you to make a conscious effort to reduce the fear that you are allowing into your body. It takes great skill and dedication to being aware of the fear that is secreted in your body. Much of the fear is engrained in you by your parents…messages that you have received from them and they are really programmed in you. Messages like ..You are just like your father. You will never turn out to anything. Money is scarce. In order to succeed, You must work hard. These messages are coming up for you to look at and transmute. All these pockets of fear that you have stored away in your body must be transmuted, in order for you to hold the fullness of yourself. You are magnificent beings, and you must be able to hold your magnificence.

Yes, these are accelerated times as the planet is shifting to a higher dimension. Free yourself of any fear-based messages either from your past or present situation.

Look at some of your knee jerk reactions as they often reveal a fear hidden within. The new energies that are coming to this planet enable you to transmute and resolve the fears you have carrying all your lives.

My beautiful beings of light

By clearing yourself of fear, you will hold more light

The light that is so necessary for the planet right now

You make a big difference to the whole

I am so grateful that you are open to this message

That you realize your purpose here is greater than you knew

It’s time to activate and celebrate

The magnificence of you

I am here to honour your presence

To help light the way

To the remembering of you

Blessings to you


As above and so below

As within and so without

Namaste my friends

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